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Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Black
24 month - 4G contract
Free delivery
24 month 4G contract
Free delivery
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£40 cashback
FREE phone
per month
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You’ll pay £728.00 in total

This is over the period of your 24 month contract.

What you'll pay today

  • Upfront cost

What you’ll pay for your contract

Monthly rates are subject to rise during the course of the contract term.
Increases are usually in line with inflation
  • Monthly cost
  • Contract length (months)
    x 24

What you'll pay in total

  • Pay today
  • Monthly payments
    + £768.00
  • £40.00 cashback
    - £40.00

Why choose Vodafone?

  • Best in test’ for voice in London

    Vodafone was named the best network for voice calls in London, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol and more. Customers also benefit from WiFi calling, so they can make calls in locations where there’s no mobile phone signal.

  • Manage your bills with My Vodafone app

    Pay monthly Vodafone customers can track their spending, as well as view and pay their bills from their smartphone. The app also lets you buy extra data as needed and upgrade or change your plan.

  • 30-Day Network Guarantee

    Experience 30 days of no-strings texting, tweets and chat on the Vodafone network, with the freedom to test everything from coverage to connection speeds before you commit.


Customers must purchase the deal directly from the retailer's website. Prices, plan names and offers all based on information received from suppliers. Deals and vouchers offered are subject to availability and may not be available to existing customers. Please refer to individual retailer’s terms and conditions before applying.

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