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Google Pixel 3 64GB black
24 month - 4G contract
Free delivery
24 month 4G contract
Free delivery
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£70 cashback
FREE phone
per month
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You’ll pay £818.00 in total

This is over the period of your 24 month contract.

What you'll pay today

  • Upfront cost

What you’ll pay for your contract

Monthly rates are subject to rise during the course of the contract term.
Increases are usually in line with inflation
  • Monthly cost
  • Contract length (months)
    x 24

What you'll pay in total

  • Pay today
  • Monthly payments
    + £888.00
  • £70.00 cashback
    - £70.00

Why choose O2?

  • Inclusive roaming in 47 European destinations

    All O2 pay monthly customers can use their monthly allowance of texts, calls and data for no extra cost in 47 locations throughout Europe.

  • Priority Moments

    Enjoy O2 perks using Priority Moments. Get access to everything from free coffee, Discounts at top attractions and many more.

  • Priority Tickets

    Get exclusive and priority access tickets to gigs 48 hours early as an O2 customer. You can also enjoy perks at O2 venues including fast-track entry and access to exclusive bars.


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