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2018 iPhones: five rumours you need to know

The iPhone X has barely made it onto shelves. But already tech-watchers and Apple fanatics are turning their attention to 2018 and Apple’s plans for its next–generation smartphones.

They might seem a long way off, but some of the best connected, most on-the-money analysts are already making their predictions.

If you’re holding out to upgrade in late 2018, or just love a bit of Apple gossip, here are five rumours you need to know about Apple’s 2018 iPhone range.

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1 iPhone X Plus is go

iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus side by side hero size

Analyst Ming Chi Kuo, whose consistently correct predictions have made him the doyen of Apple gossip, has claimed that Apple is priming a larger version of the iPhone X for release in 2018.

Citing sources close to the company’s supply chain, he says that the device will come with a huge 6.5–inch display, utilising the same OLED tech found in the iPhone X, also mirroring its design.

Next to the latter’s 5.8–inch frame it will likely look and feel close in size to the iPhone 8 Plus, while also ensuring that the days of the iPad Mini are well and truly numbered.

2 An updated iPhone X too

iPhone x verdict shot

Kuo also believes that Apple will issue a reworked version of the iPhone X, with the same design and screen, but with a series of internal tweaks.

It’s not clear if Apple will call this the iPhone XS, or something else. But with its usual approach of iterative updates every other year, that seems most likely.

3 And a special LCD model

Kuo’s most interesting claim centres on plans for a third new iPhone for release in 2018.

This lower-spec version will mimic the iPhone X’s home button–free design, but come with a LCD rather than OLED screen, measuring 6.1–inches.

This handset will apparently cost less, as little as $649 SIM–free. That could be a UK price of £600 or so.

Considering OLED offers only marginal gains compared with the LCD display on older iPhones, this seems like a good bet for those who want a new look phone without the insane price tag.

4 Improved metal frame

Both OLED models are said to come with a tweaked metal frame.

This is believed to improve data transmission, which in turn should help Apple’s line-up of 2018 iPhones run faster when they finally hit shelves around September.

Any such changes will be hard to discern to the naked eye, though, with Apple set to keep the same design as this year.

5 No more Touch ID

iphone touch id

It seems that Apple will get rid of Touch ID for good from its 2018 iPhones, at least according to Kuo.

That means all new iPhones will rely on Face ID for security and Apple Pay transactions.

Considering how warmly Apple's facial recognition security has been welcomed by the tech community, this one seems nailed-on.

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