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Apple AirPods 2: five things we know so far

Apple’s AirPods, the company’s wireless headphones first launched alongside the iPhone 7, have become a surprise hit.

Believe what you read and as many as 30 million could be sold in 2018, as iPhone owners finally learn to live without an old–school headphone slot.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, though, Apple is said to be priming a new pair of AirPods. Here are five things we know so far.

1 They'll have noise cancelling technology

While AirPods have been a smash hit among iPhone owners, audiophiles have long since believed them to be second-rate compared with rival headphones. The main reason? No noise cancelling.

This is a big deal considering AirPods cost £159.

Thankfully, it seems Apple is going to fix this issue with AirPods 2.

According to Barclays analysts, supply-chain sources are working on a fix that will make them more secure in the air, with a tight seal preventing any noise from ruining your listening enjoyment.

2 Expect a new look

The same analysts believe Apple is priming a design tweak for the AirPods 2.

While it’s unclear what exactly this will entail, it’s likely Apple will refine rather than revolutionise the look of its wireless buds. Too small, and they’ll fall out of the ear.

Too different and they’ll lose their distinctive Apple look. Expect a slimmer finish and larger earpieces for noise cancelling.

3 They'll be waterproof, too

iPhone waterproof generic smartphone

This has long been touted by Apple watchers as a key feature for AirPods 2.

Insiders claimed earlier this year that they would be waterproof, not just to protect against bad weather and unexpected drops, but also to guard against sweat when out running or in the gym.

AirPods are fine for working out, but this should give them an edge against more rugged, specifically fitness focused headphones.

4 Longer battery life

iphone battery

With a listening time of five hours and a charging case that offers more than 24 hours of power, battery life on existing AirPods is ample.

But in order for wireless headphones to reply see off their cabled cousins, they need to offer more. Analysts believe Apple will fix this with AirPods 2, changes to power efficiency via a new chipset helping it boost longevity and entice new punters.

5 They won't arrive until 2019

If you’re weighing up buying some AirPods right now, you might want to pull the trigger.

Apple is not expected to launch AirPods 2 until early 2019. With the company still struggling to meet demand for the current iteration, that’s no surprise.

And with so many new features, it will want them to be perfect before release.

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