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Apple iOS 10.1: What’s new and how to get it

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Apple’s first major tweak to iOS 10 is here. iOS 10.1 comes with a string of minor bug fixes and one major new feature. Keen to try it out?

Or just want the inside line before you give into your iPhone’s constant nagging and download it?

Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know, plus how to get hold of it.

1 Portrait Mode

iphone 7 plus portrait mode girl 2 portrait mode off

This is the biggie. Although Apple showed this feature off some time ago, it was not part pf the initial iOS 10 release in September.

Exclusive to the top–end iPhone 7 Plus, it utilises that device’s dual screen camera to take pin sharp portraits.

How? Well, it uses the wide angle lens to work out a depth of field map and the telephoto lens to snap the subject.

This then allows the iPhone 7 Plus camera to blur the background and sharpen the foreground without you having to tinker with any controls.

The results are impressive, although you’ll need good light in order to get the best shots.

Messaging bugs fixed

iOS 10 hasn’t been plagued with major errors like previous versions. However, there are plenty if niggly bugs which do need fixing.

Many of those exist within the Messages app and include the app opening to a blank white screen, getting contact names wrong and videos shot within messages lacking audio.

All of these have been fixed. There’s also a new option to replay bubble effects, which Apple included to try and take on Snapchat.

Apple Watch

apple watch health

Got an Apple Watch? Well, iOS 10.1 fixes a string of nasty errors which had been affecting the wearable.

Music playlists should now sync properly with the watch, Activity Sharing no longer updates over 4G when that feature has been disabled on your iPhone and third party apps shouldn’t crash any more when you tap in text.

4 Android Wear

android wear

If you use an Android Wear watch paired with the iPhone, you may have found that iOS 10 wouldn’t let you hook your smartwatch up to your mobile. Apple says it has resolved this issue with iOS 10.1.

However, this is unlikely to have hampered too many users, especially as it’s becoming increasingly clear that smartwatches are struggling to win over consumers.

5 Download it now

If you’ve got an iPhone 5 or above, or iPad mini or iPad 2 or above, then you can get iOS 10.1 now.

Either download it over WiFi from the Settings app and install it directly, or snare it through iTunes, plug your device into your Mac or PC and follow the on screen instructions.

Get the full list of iOS 10.1 features and system requirements here: iOS 10.1.

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