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Apple Watch Series 4: Five things we know so far

After an apparently slow start, the Apple Watch has become something of a hit. While the California company has never revealed exact sales figures, analysts believe it shifted 3.5 million watches between April and June this year. CEO Tim Cook claimed that sales were record breaking at the end of 2017.

So, naturally, Apple is coming back for more. A string of new rumours suggests we’ll be seeing a fourth version of the smartwatch very soon. Here are five things we know about the Apple Watch Series 4 so far.

1) Six new models incoming


This week, Apple is believed to have registered six new models with the Eurasian Economic Commission. In the past, it has done the same with new models of the iPad and MacBook, following rules to ensure the devices go on sale at launch in Russia and other eastern European countries.

These six new models are expected to cover both sizes of the Apple Watch, with at least two offering 4G connectivity and the ability to make and take calls. It’s not yet clear if there will be more models, with different designs, on top of the half dozen registered so far.

2) Larger screen

Analyst Ming Chi Kuo has long been known for getting his Apple predictions on the money. And last month he claimed that Apple was looking to up the size of the Apple Watch’s screen by 15%.

That would mean new displays measuring 39.9mm, up from 38mm, on the smaller model and 45.2mm, up from 42mm, on the larger edition. It’s not yet clear if this would mean a smaller bezel or the device itself becoming larger.

3) Smarter health monitoring

Apple Watch four different models hero size

Kuo has also claimed that Apple is planning on offering smarter health monitoring with the Apple Watch Series 4. This will likely mean a new, improved heart rate monitor.

So it might have continuous heart monitoring, something current models do not offer. A new EKG feature could also test heart rate by placing two fingers on the side of the watch.

4) Bigger battery

Another Kuo claim. With Apple said to be switching to solid state buttons rather than physical keys on the Apple Watch Series 4, there’s set to be room for a bigger power pack.

This may mean the device doesn’t need charging every night and could help boost the aforementioned health monitoring credentials, not to mention stop battery drain when making and taking calls.

5) Out next month

Apple Watch series four render

With Apple filing details of the Series 4 watch with regulators, it now seems certain that the new models will be revealed at its iPhone launch event next month. The company is set to hold a gathering on 12th September according to tech watchers. A release date for the Apple Watch Series 4 should follow soon after.

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