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Buy any of these Amazon gadgets and get £10 off today

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It’s right there in the title. If you spend £50 on an order at Amazon today and enter the code "BIGTHANKS" at the point of purchase, you qualify for a £10 discount.

We’ve picked out the best gadgets over £50 on the site right now. Eyes down then, here’s the countdown.

1 Withings Activité Pop Smart Watch and Activity Tracker

Withings smart watch

By the uSwitch team’s reckoning, this is the best-looking smartwatch so far. It's not just a looker, though.

It’s also got full fitness-tracker functionality and you get a whopping eight months of battery life on a single charge.

Find it here: Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch

2 Tile Bluetooth Item Finder/Tracker for Smartphone (£54.48)


Prone to losing your gadgets? Help is at hand with these Bluetooth tracker tags.

Available in a pack of four, stick these tags to devices or anything gizmo of your choice and you can keep track of them using a dedicated app.

Find it here: Tile Bluetooth Item Tracker

3 Recharge 10000 Battery Powered Ultimate Portable USB Charger (£53.90)


To give you some idea of this charger’s on-board battery’s sheer power, the average high-end smartphone battery comes in at about 3000mAh. The battery for this portable charger is a mighty 10,000mAh.

Its chunkiness means it’s not the most elegant solution to battery-life problems. But it’s certainly a very robust one.

Find it here: Recharge 1000 Battery Powered Ultimate Portable USB Charger

4 Philips QT4070 / 32 Beard Trimmer (£89.95)


Unless you go ‘full-mountain-man’, keeping your beard in good nick is no small undertaking.

And at least half the man-hours you expend are on dredging your coarse fuzz from the washbowl or picking up stray hairs from the bathroom floor.

What we love about this facial topiary-tamer is that it nixes that problem thanks to an integrated vacuum system that hoovers up your surplus beard as you go. Job’s a good ‘un.

Find it here: Philips Beard Trimmer

5 Sony MDR-XB950AP Premium Xtra Bass Overhead Headphones (£67)


Because everyone likes ‘Xtra’ bass. And because these really are great cans for the money.

Find it here: Sony MDR-XB950AP headphones

6 Wawoo4 Channel 2.4GHz 6 Axis Gyro Quadricopter Drone (£52.25)


Teams an HD camera for those swooping shots of wildebeests over the Serengeti with super low power consumption and robust construction.

Find it here: Wawoo 4 Drone

7 Jarre Aeroskull NANO Bluetooth Active (£64.94)


From the company founded by electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre, this looks like something a Hell's Angel would paint on the back of his leather jacket.

But it’s precisely because it’s such a bad taste that the Aeroskull won us over.

We also love that the teeth are volume controls too and that you can pick from 11 colourways, all of them lurid.

Support for lightning connector, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity are on board too.

Find it here: Jarre Aeroskull Nano Bluetooth Active

8 Ministry of Sound Audio S Plus (IPX4) Splash Proof Portable Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Sound System (£73.49)


Compatible with iPhones and Android handsets, the Ministry of Sound Speaker Sound System teams breezy looks with full, rich sound from an impressively compact unit.

It's also got a speakerphone, the option to pair it with your phone via contactless NFC technology and offers up to 15 hours of playback on a single full charge.

And they’ll throw in two free tickets to a night at the clubbing institution too.

Find it here: Ministry of Sound Speaker Sound System

9 Kingston 256 GB Class 10 UHS-1 Ultimate Flash Memory Card (£78.76)


Someone once said that ‘you can never be too rich or too thin’. That’s debatable. But one thing you can never have enough of is storage space.

Kingston’s 256GB microSD has room for tens of thousands of songs, photos and videos. And it’s half-price right now.

Find it here: Kingston 256GB microSD card

10 BB-8 (£129.99)


The most charming thing in The Force Awakens has transmogrified into a similarly charming toy. The must-have gadget at Xmas, it whizzes about like a digital dervish even lets you send holographic messages to your friends and fam.

Find it here: BB-8 Sphero

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