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Five reasons now's a really good time to buy a smartphone

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If you've been holding fire on investing in a new handset, now may just be the time to take the plunge. Here's five reasons why...

1 All the major phone-makers have shown their hand


Apple, Google and Samsung have now all released their flagship phones phones for 2016.

The iPhone 7, Pixel and Pixel XL, plus the Galaxy S7 and initially impressive but fatally flawed Galaxy Note 7 have all led the way in smartphone innovation.

And with no other major phone launches due until well into next year, that means there's scant chance that these phones are going to be superseded any time soon.

2 Cameras have improved massively this year

Pixel burst mode

Both the iPhone 7 Plus and Pixel/Pixel XL have taken smartphone camera tech to the next level.

No other smartphones can hold a candle to their image reproduction and SLR–style range of features.

So if you’re an Instagram obsessive or have finally had it with carrying around a camera to take decent shots, there's plenty of reason to shell out.

What's more with the iPhone 7 Plus’s Portrait Mode soon to launch, the camera on Apple's flagship phone is about to get even better.

We put the iPhone 7 camera through its paces for a dedicated review. Get up to speed here: iPhone 7 camera review.

3 Price cuts on popular phones

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge - design

With Christmas coming, networks and mobile-makers are going out of their way to entice new and upgrading customers.

Because of its Galaxy Note 7 problems, Samsung and its network partners are doing all they can to boost sales of its excellent Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets.

Right now you pick up the S7 for £26 per month, with nothing to pay upfront.

Get the Galaxy S7 here: Samsung Galaxy S7 deals.

Want to know more? Take a look at our in-depth Galaxy S7 review.

And there are some good iPhone deals on offer too. Not least from EE, which this week waived the upfront charge of £99 on the iPhone SE when you sign up for a contract at £30.99 per month.

That gets you unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of data. And you get six months' free use of the BT Sport app and six months' free Apple Music streaming.

Check out iPhone SE deals here: iPhone SE.

4 Latest software

android nougat

Sure, you can get iOS 10 on older iPhones and Android Nougat on a string of Google–backed devices.

But the rival operating systems are at their best on the latest phones.

Use Siri on an iPhone 7 and you'll find it's many times more useful than older models. Meanwhile, Google's Siri challenger Google Assistant can only be found on the Pixel and Pixel XL.

5 You're no longer stuck with your phone

o2 refresh

It used to be that buying a new smartphone meant that you were locked into a two-year contract and couldn't upgrade to a newer phone unless you were prepared to pay off your entire contract.

But thanks to Apple’s iPhone upgrade programme and tariffs such as O2 Refresh, you can get the very best smartphones as soon as they come out.

If you want an iPhone 7 but are worried you won’t be able to pick up a sleek new iPhone 8 come late 2017, these deals are meant for you.

You’ll get a full year out of the best of the current crop and still be able to enjoy the newness in twelve months’ time.

Get to grips with O2 Refresh with our one-stop guide.

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