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Five things you need to know about the Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 hero

It’s back! Nokia’s 3310, the phone that anyone who was anyone was carrying at the turn of the century has returned.

As predicted following a series of leaks, this is a virtual carbon copy of the old–school device, designed to remind us that there was a time when phones didn’t require charging twice a day and weren’t constantly chiming with social media notifications.

We sat through Nokia’s big reveal at Mobile World Congress so you didn’t have to – read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about this blast from the past.

1 Colour screen

Nokia 3310 colour screen

The monochrome screen of old is gone, replaced by a larger, 2.4–inch colour display.

This reflects the fact that black and white screens feel extremely dated, not to mention that similar budget feature phones also have more colourful panels.

It gives the new Nokia 3310 a more modern edge while taking nothing away from the iconic original.

2 Staggering battery life


The enduring popularity of the Nokia 3310 was centred on its seemingly endless battery life.

And the updated edition certainly doesn’t disappoint on that front. It can handle 22 hours of talk time and a month on standby.

When you consider that the iPhone 7’s advertised standby time is 10 days, you can see why this rejigged device is causing so much excitement,

3 Updated design and new features

Nokia 3310 design

It’s still unmistakably a Nokia 3310, but the new model has a thinner frame and a larger display.

Back in 2000, when the 3310 was first unveiled, camera phones were not readily available.

However, HMD, which has licensed the Nokia brand, has added a two megapixel snapper to its updated edition, meaning you can at least reel off basic snaps.

4 Snake on board

Nokia 3310 snake

What really set the Nokia 3310 apart from its old school competitors was Snake. Modern versions have appeared in various guises, but none can match the first version’s charm.

HMD has given it a go here, bringing the ultimate mobile game back to life. It may not appeal to hip, app–loving kids, but those who get all nostalgic about Nokia will be elated.

5 A tenth of the price of an iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus hero

Sure, it doesn’t have a dual lens camera, can’t understand voice requests and won’t handle contactless payments in the local Co–Op.

But the Nokia 3310 only costs €49 (£41) without a SIM card, a tenth of the price of an iPhone 7.

And when you consider it’ll last a week on one charge and won’t give you palpitations if you lose it, it seems like one of 2017’s better deals.

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