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Galaxy S8: five reasons you should wait for Samsung’s next flagship

Samsung’s next–generation flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, has a lot riding on it. The device is the follow–up to the Galaxy Note 7, which had to be pulled from shelves due to exploding batteries.

But if the drive feed of sanctioned rumours and supply chain tittle tattle is anything to go by, this is a device that’ll be well worth waiting for. Here’s why:

1. Huge screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 screen waterproof

This latest juicy morsel has emerged from Samsung’s home country of Korea. Word is that the company is planning to entice those keen on the Galaxy Note 7’s huge display by offering even larger screens on the two Galaxy S8 models.

One is said to clock in at a hefty 5.5–inch display, while the other tops out at a massive 6.2 inches. The latter is likely to be a curved screen effort, dubbed the S8 Edge.

2. But the same size

Samsung Galaxy S7 hero

Just because Samsung’s ramping up the screen size doesn’t mean that the S8 and S8 Edge will get bigger. Rather, sources say, Samsung will use new edge–to–edge screen tech to ensure there’s no bezel around either handset, with the home button forming part of the display itself.

This tallies with previous chatter about Samsung including an optical fingerprint scanner behind the phone’s screen.

3. Ultra-fast chipset

Samsung galaxy 8 concept

Samsung is also set to include its new 10 nanometre chipset inside the Galaxy S8. For everyday users, this means that the phone will be more efficient when it comes to using power, as well as being able to handle tasks faster than the current crop of rapid smartphones. It’s likely Samsung will keep this tech for itself, selling less powerful chips to rival manufacturers. For that reason alone, the S8 is a phone that tech fanatics should be jonesing for.

4. Futuristic voice control

Voice assistant phone

Samsung’s already confirmed that it’s working on including a next–generation voice assistant in the Galaxy S8. But it’s become clearer in recent days what that could entail. The tech will be based on that bought when it acquired Viv Labs.

Viv’s tech is capable of writing its own programmes, so it can have far more advanced conversations and learn quicker than Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant. That means users will be able to train it better and use it for everything from checking the weather forecast to booking a cab for after an event.

It’s coming sooner than you think

Samsung store

A Samsung staffer claimed recently that the company was delaying the Galaxy S8 until April 2017, in order to ensure it didn’t suffer from the same exploding battery issues as the Galaxy Note 7.

Now insiders are saying that the phone will actually make an appearance at February’s Mobile World Congress as originally planned, before being released in March. So, for those wanting to get their hands on the S8, the wait won’t be as long as first thought.

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