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Google Pixel 3: Five things you need to know

The leaks were relentless. The speculation seemed never-ending. But at last, Google’s Pixel 3 is here.

The third version of the Big G’s flagship smartphone, it offers the best way to experience Android, along with a host of features designed to give it an edge over rivals including the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Apple iPhone XS.

So, what’s the deal? Read on and we’ll get you clued in with five things you need to know about the Google Pixel 3.

1) Single lens camera, but with killer features

Google Pixel 3 XL top shot hero size

Google has opted to load the Pixel 3 up with a single lens camera. This flies in the face of the prevailing mood among mobile makers, with more lenses being seen as a sign of imaging prowess. After all, Samsung’s new Galaxy A9 packs four.

However, this camera looks every inch as good as its rivals, despite only packing one 12-megapixel sensor.

How’s Google managed it? Artificial intelligence. The Big G has added an array of shooting modes that use AI to improve shots, including a clever Night Sight mode that chooses the right colours for those being shot. There’s also a Top Shot feature that uses AI to dispose of the worst pics taken in a quick burst and select the best one.

2) Dual lens snapper up front

Google Pixel 3 XL wide angle selfie hero

Despite Google sticking with a single lens camera around the back, it’s included a dual lens setup on the front of the Pixel 3. This is designed to offer sharper selfies, with portrait mode effects.

One lens is a standard size, while the other is ultra-wide for taking group shots. Both pack eight megapixels. Video is also recorded at 1080p, meaning you’ll get HD clips even when filming using the front facing setup. Perfect for YouTubers.

3) It can screen your calls

Google Pixel 3 XL pink in hand hero

Whether a number you don’t recognise flashes up, or you’re just not in the mood to take a call, the Pixel 3 has a dedicated call screening button.

Using Google Assistant, it can answer the phone for you, tell the caller that you’re screening them and then record the transcript of any message. This means you don’t need to listen in.

Interestingly, Google says it’s going to bring this feature to older Pixel devices later this month.

4) No notch and an ample 5.5–inch screen

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL size difference lockscreens hero

Unlike its larger Pixel 3 XL stablemate, the Pixel 3 doesn’t come with a notch design. That will be seen as a bonus by many, even if the bezel at the top of the handset does look rather chunky.

The display is a more than ample 5.5–inches, with an 18:9 aspect ratio, with 1080 x 2160 pixels. Only the pickiest of mobile fans are likely to take issue with such specs.

5) Order it now from £739

Google Pixel 3 pink front and back hero size

You can pre–order the Pixel 3 from Google now. It costs £739 for a 64GB model and £839 for 128GB. It comes in ‘just black’, ‘clearly white’ and ‘not pink’ editions.

Those prices stack up favourably against the iPhone XS, which starts at £999, although the imminent iPhone XR, which starts at £749, looks like a lot better bet at the moment.

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