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Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones best deals round-up

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Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL are now officialy on sale.

The first phones to bear the name of the search giant are bona-fide rivals to the iPhone's crown. Not to mention the fact that they are ideal alternatives to discontinued Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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The thing is that the Pixel handsets are premium, with the price to match.

However, if you’re smart you can still bag a good deal and ensure you get Google’s very best without feeling as if you’re out of pocket. Here's how...

1. Google Pixel 32GB on EE: Two-year contract, low upfront cost, plus perks

EE is the only network that is selling Google’s new phones directly.

The entry-level 32GB Pixel, with a five–inch display, can be picked up for £50.99 a month, with an upfront fee of just £9.99.

That gets you a hefty 10GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts and 500MB of EU data and calls and texts while abroad.

For us though, it’s all about the perks. These include free BT Sport app access for six months, meaning you can watch Premier League and Champions League on–the–go with free BT Sport, as well as six months' of Apple Music streaming.

Find the deal here: Pixel on EE.

2. Google Pixel XL 32GB on iD: Two-year contract, including free roaming

The larger Pixel XL has an impressive Quad HD display, which makes it ideal for Netflix and YouTube.

Carphone Warehouse has the phone available on its iD network for £99.99 upfront and then £37.50 per month.

That gets you 1GB of 4G data, 600 minutes and 5,000 texts.

It’s part of the iD network’s Takeaway Plan, so you get free roaming in 29 countries across Europe, plus the USA.

Right now, you get a Logitech Zerotouch hands–free kit thrown-in free to boot.

Find the deal here: Pixel on iD Mobile.

3. Google Pixel 128GB on O2: Two-year contract, plus O2 benefits

Although O2 isn’t selling the Pixel direct, you can pick it up on the network via Carphone Warehouse.

The larger 128GB Pixel can be had for £99.99 upfront and then £48 a month.

This gets you 5GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, plus the chance to take advantage of O2 Priority, with £1 lunch on Mondays, ticket priority for events at O2–sponsored venues and O2’s Tu–Go for making calls and checking voicemail over Wi–Fi.

You’ll also be able to access O2 WiFi hotspots on your new phone.

Find the deal here: Pixel on O2.

4. Google Pixel XL 128GB on Vodafone: Two-year-contract, including Vodafone World Traveller

Another Carphone deal. This one’s on Vodafone and gets you 24GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, 500MB of EU data a month and access to the network’s World Traveller service, which lets you use your UK allowance for £5 a day.

There’s a £189.99 upfront cost, then a £52 a month charge per month.

Find the deal here: Pixel XL on Vodafone.

5. Google Pixel 32GB SIM–free, £599.99 and a Three Advanced SIM–only deal

Buying a phone outright can seem like a lot of initial outlay. But it’s a great way to save in the long run.

The 32GB Pixel costs a penny shy of £600. However, you can get a Three Advanced SIM–only deal for 12 months costing just £21 with 4GB of data, unlimited calls and texts.

Pair them and it works out about £150 cheaper than some Pixel monthly phone contracts with similar allowances.

If you’ve got the cash to-hand, this really is a savvy way of buying. And you get personal hotspot access and free roaming with Three’s Feel At Home offer.

Can't see the Pixel deal that suits you? Compare more contracts at our Pixel deals page.

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