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Honor 9 Lite: five things you need to know

honor 9 lite

Honor has launched a new mid-range smartphone: the Honor 9 Lite.

It looks similar to the flagship Honor 9, but there are some differences. The 9 Lite has a better screen, for starters, and also costs quite a lot less.

It also boasts four cameras, giving you pro-level photographic effects.

Could it be your next smartphone? Read on for all the details.

1) It has four cameras

Honor 9 Lite camera

Count ’em, four.

Dual-lens 13-megapixel and 2-megapixel cameras on the front and back combine with a wide aperture of F2.0 to give this budget handset professional-level photography skills.

One sensor captures the image details, while the other gathers depth of field information.

This gives you professional looking images thanks to the ‘bokeh’ effect – this is where the subject is in focus in the foreground, while the background is blurred.

Basically, it makes your snaps look very arty and professional. And means selfies really come to life.

2) And a bezel-less screen

Honor 9 Lite home screen hero size

The design of the 5.65-inch screen leans heavily on the flagship Honor 9 smartphone.

It’s made of 2.5D glass, meaning it has a slightly contoured edge, which, added to the fact it doesn’t have a bezel (a border around its edge), makes it blend seamlessly into the body of the phone.

But that’s not the only cool thing about the screen. It has an 18:9 aspect ratio, mimicking the 21:9 ratio used in cinemas.

The result? A more widescreen viewing experience, making watching films more cinematic.

3) It’s mirrored

The all-glass glass case has a nano-scale optical coating, making it appear like a mirror. You really can see your face in it. And even fix your hair and make-up, if you're inclined.

Add the bezel-less screen that seamlessly blends into the body, and you’ve got quite a looker.

4) Android 8.0 Oreo comes as standard


This is the latest version of Android, so the 9 Lite comes with some of the latest features going.

Such as? Oreo helps boot the phone up quicker, and minimises background activity in lesser-used apps, making for a slicker user experience.

Autofill remembers your details for apps, helping you log in quicker than before.

While smart text selection recognises text when you tap or select, and recommends a next logical step via a suggested app.

It brings picture-in-picture, so you can use two apps at once. Looking up a restaurant while on a video call about where to go for dinner? The future has arrived.

You can see notifications without opening apps, and jump straight into apps from your web browser without even installing them on your phone.

And that’s just the start. Head to our guide to see the full list of features.

5) It’s available now

The Honor 9 Lite is on sale now from Amazon, Argos, Very, and John Lewis.

It costs just £199, putting it in the same price bracket as the Moto G5 and G5 Plus. So it shouldn’t break the bank.

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