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How Siri voice commands could work with more iPhone apps

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Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, looks set for a major overhaul at the company’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) technology expo.

The event, which kicks off on June 13th, will see developers given access to the code that powers Siri, which until now has been restricted to Apple staff and a select few developers at major services like Yelp.

The change could herald a whole new way of interacting with your iPhone and finally turn Siri from a novelty into a must–use feature.

Read on and we’ll tell you how it could make life even easier.

Hailing a cab

uber taxis

The likes of Uber and Lyft have made taking taxis hassle-free, ending the need to frantically search for a mini cab number or spend the wee hours wandering the streets in the vain hope of finding a cab with its light on.

With developers at taxi apps having access to Siri, it’s likely you’ll be able to say ‘Hey, Siri’ and ask your phone to get you an Uber home without having to fire up the app.

It’s also likely Siri will be able to suss out your location and tell you where your is and how long it will be before it reaches you.

Ordering dinner


Deliveroo has become an essential add–on for iPhone owners.

And it’s likely the people behind it, along with other food delivery apps, will take full advantage of Siri integration.

Imagine saving your favourite dish from your favourite restaurant and simply asking your iPhone to order it.

No need to dive into the app, with Siri telling you how long it will be and asking if you want to add a tip to your order.

Getting from A to B

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Siri defaults to Apple Maps when you ask it yo get you from A to B while driving.

You can trick it into using Google Maps by asking it to take you ‘via transit’ or use Google’s own Now voice search when you tap open the app.

But with Google getting access to Siri, it’s likely you’ll be able to set its mapping app as your default and make transport requests via Siri without having to know about workarounds and hacks.

Making notes


Like Google Maps, the hugely popular Evernote can work with Siri.

But you need to know about a number of workarounds, setting up notes within Apple’s reminders app to trick Siri into using the third-party service instead.

Evernote’s popularity means it will jump straight on the bandwagon, letting you dictate notes through Siri.

While you can do this within the app already, the idea of being able to do this while at the wheel, or just by saying ‘Hey Siri’ into your iPhone 6s, is hugely appealing.

Expect Evernote’s makers to have plenty of other creative ways of using Siri up their sleeves.

Checking in for flights

iphone app british airways

Airline apps can be annoyingly fiddly, asking you to tap in lengthy codes and passport details so you can get your boarding pass stashed on your iPhone.

Adding Siri support could let you speak in your booking information and passport number.

With access to your email, Siri could even pull these details out of a missive, put them into an airline app, and do the job for you.

A potential time saver, especially for frequent travellers.

Taking the strain out of your banking

Banking apps require high levels of security.

However, if financial institutions can work on improved voice recognition, you could easily move money around your accounts and even pay contacts that are set up with your chosen app with Siri, using Apple Pay to confirm information.

This has huge potential and could put Siri ahead of rivals such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s updated Assistant app.

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