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HTC 10 mini: 5 things we know so far

HTC 10 colours

The HTC 10, HTC’s new top–end smartphone, was only unveiled last week.

But already the rumour mill is looking beyond the Taiwanese mobile-maker’s latest piece of kit and towards a new, smaller version of the device, the HTC 10 mini.

So, what do we know about this trimmed down take on HTC’s flagship? And when can we lay our hands on one?

Read on and we’ll reveal all the gossip so far.

1 Smaller screen

HTC 10 mini leak

The clue’s in the name, of course, but the HTC 10 mini will feature a smaller display than the 5.2–inch effort found on the HTC 10.

A leaked internal document from the company says it will be 4.7–inches. That makes it the same size as the iPhone 6s, but still a lot larger than Apple’s new iPhone SE.

Is it really small enough to compete with Cupertino’s latest iPhone? Only time will tell.

2 Snapdragon processor

Snapdragon 820 processor

HTC is set to equip the mini 10 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor.

This quad core chip is unlikely to match up to the processors found in the very best smartphones, but will doubtless keep things ticking along nicely when it comes to handling apps and games.

And if the device is cheap, users are unlikely to quibble over speeds which only mobile nerds can really discern.

3 Hefty RAM

The HTC 10 mini is set to feature 4GB of RAM. This in itself suggests a device cut out for handling hefty tasks.

But on paper it will also give it the edge over Apple’s new iPhone SE, which comes with just 2GB of RAM by comparison.

Again, not a deal breaker per se, but one which could make all the difference if HTC chooses to offer the phone to budget users.

4 Black version

HTC 10 black

Just like its larger stablemate, the HCT 10 mini is set to come in black as well as brushed aluminium, at least according to the one blurry shot of the device which has surfaced in recent days.

If it proves to be true, it’s likely to appeal to those ducking into high street phone shops looking for something sharp and affordable.

5 September release

HTC logo

All the leaks and rumours point towards the HTC 10 mini getting a September release date.

This would tally with the annual IFA trade show in Berlin and would also give the company time to let its top–end HTC 10 have its summer in the sun.

The issue is whether Samsung will offer something similar in its Galaxy range at the same time.

If so, HTC will have an almighty fight on its hands to get noticed.

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