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Huawei P smart best deals round-up: a buyer's guide

The P smart is one of the handset hits of 2018. It’s not hard to see why it made such a splash.

Our review team, who particularly lauded its dual-lens camera and crisp 5.65-inch screen, was certainly very taken with Huawei’s £229 smartphone.

And judging by the welter of four-star ratings it picked up on other tech sites, we weren’t the P smart’s only admirers.

When the phone launched last month, it was solely available on monthly contracts from Vodafone.

But the good news is that you can now take your pick from contract deals from O2, EE and Virgin Mobile too. Or if you prefer, pick it up SIM-free and off-contract.

We’ve rounded up our pick of the best P smart deals with what we consider the best bundles of data, calls and minutes. Eyes down, then..

Can't see a deal that appeals? Find a wider range of P smart contracts at our comparison page.

Think you'd prefer the Huawei P10 instead? Take a look at our pick of the best deals for the Huawei's top-of-the-range smartphone.

## P smart on O2 at £26 per month, no upfront fee

Network - o2

Monthly allowances: 4GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts.

Why it’s a good deal: You get ample monthly allowances. And you’re free to use those allowances in 47 overseas locations for no extra charge.

O2 customers also benefit from its Priority Moments rewards scheme, which bags you everything from free coffee to discounts at attractions and high-street stores. And you get use of O2 Priority Tickets too, so you can buy tickets to gigs and shows 48 hours before anyone else.

Under Huawei’s promotion running from 1st-18th of March with participating retailers and networks, you’ll also qualify for £50 cashback. This will be paid into your PayPal account.

Find the deal here: Huawei P smart on O2.

P smart on EE at £28 per month, no upfront fee

Network - EE

Monthly allowances: 4GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts.

Why it’s a good deal: As with the O2 offer we picked out, this deal hits the sweet spot for price and data, calls and texts allowances.

But just as importantly you’re benefiting from EE’s network coverage and 4G speeds, which analysis company RootMetrics rates as the best around.

EE’s inclusive roaming scheme is excellent too and allows you to use your UK monthly allowances in 47 European locations without paying anything extra.

To complete the package, EE is throwing in a free three-month subscription to the BT Sport app and a six-month subscription to Apple Music.

Like the O2 deal we’ve recommended, if you buy this EE deal from Carphone Warehouse between 1st-18th March, you’ll qualify for £50 PayPal credit.

Find the deal here: P smart on EE.

P smart on Vodafone at £36 per month, with £9 upfront

Network - Vodafone logo

Monthly allowances: 32GB of data, unlimited texts and minutes.

Why it’s a good deal: With a whopping 32GB monthly allowance, this contract includes loads of data for a good price. Which makes this ideal for heavy mobile internet users.

But for us this deal’s real selling point is that you also get a 24-month subscription to your choice of Sky Sports Mobile, Now TV or Spotify.

Vodafone’s global roaming scheme covers 50 locations. And they’re throwing in a three-month free trial of its SecureNet security software, too.

As with the O2 and EE deals we’ve picked out above, if you sign up for this deal between 1st-18th March, you’ll qualify for £50 PayPal credit.

Find the deal here: P smart on Vodafone.

Huawei P smart SIM free

Opt to buy the P smart SIM free and you're looking at a very reasonable one-off outlay of £229.

You'll also qualify for £50 PayPal credit, provided you sign up before Huawei's promotion ends on 18th March. So in reality you're only really paying £179 for the phone.

Pick up the P smart SIM free.

Need a SIM only deal to go with it? We've got you covered.

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