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iOS 10.3: How to install it and what it means for your iPhone

iOS 10.3 is here. Apple’s latest software update may not be a headline grabber, but it comes with a number of under–the–hood improvements that should make your iPhone or iPad work faster. Not to mention updated features designed to give your smartphone or tablet a mid-season makeover before the major overhaul of iOS 11 later this year.

Read on and we’ll tell you how to install iOS 10.3 and what you can expect once you do.

How to install

iPhone charger and handset

iOS 10.3 can be installed over–the–air or via iTunes. The former is definitely more straightforward. Open the Settings app, tap General and then Software Update. Your iPhone or iPad will then check to see if iOS 10.3 is available, prompting you to download and install.

As with iOS 10, you’ll need an iPhone 5 or newer, iPad mini 2, iPad 4th gen or higher or iPad Pro in order to access the software.

Be patient...

iPhone charging

iOS 10.3 will take longer to download and install than other recent iOS updates. But there’s a good reason: Apple has switched to a new file system. Dubbed APFS, it’s designed to make iOS more stable and less prone to crashes, focusing on how iPhones and iPads store data.

What’s more, changes to make on–screen animations shorter will also slow down the installation process.’ll be worth it

Apple watchers and former staffers say that these behind–the–scenes tweaks will make a major difference to how iPhones and iPads work.

They’re designed to ensure devices work faster, something which owners of older iPhones in particular will find very helpful. This, perhaps more than any other change, is what makes iOS 10.3 stand out.

A boost to Siri


Siri remains a niche concern, despite voice assistant becoming increasingly mainstream. Apple’s hoping changes in iOS 10.3 will change that. It’s offering the chance to pay bills and check statements in payment apps, something that should make banking a lot easier with your iPhone.

On top of that, there’s support for scheduling on rideshare apps, a boon considering the enduring popularity of Uber. There’s even the ability to check fuel levels and turn on your car’s lights via carmakers’ apps.

Find My AirPods


Apple wireless AirPods might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But they’re vital when it comes to convincing the world that it was right to ditch the 3.5mm headphone slot from the iPhone 7.

A new Find My AirPods feature in iOS 10.3 tells you the last time they were synced to your iPhone via Bluetooth, playing a sound when you’ve lost them to help you try and track down an errant earbud.

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