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iPhone 11: five things we know so far about 2019's iPhones

iPhone 11 concept video

2019 is only a few days old. But already, iPhone 11 rumours are ramping up.

With Apple revealing its profits are set to slide due to a fall in iPhone sales, this year even more is riding on the next-generation handset.

Happily, it seems that some major camera improvements are in store for us. Less happily, it seems we'll have to pay even more to get them.

Based on a string of rumours and reports, here are five things we know so far about the iPhone 11.

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1 Triple-lens camera

Images based on rumours about the iPhone 11 have shown off plans for a new, triple lens camera, designed to take on the growing photography prowess of phones from rivals such as Samsung and Huawei.

Revealed by tipster @OnLeaks and, the images clearly show three lenses, as well as a LED flash and space for a microphone on the back of the device.

This comes as no surprise. While the iPhone XS’s camera is excellent, Apple clearly needs an easily identifiable feature that makes the iPhone 11 look different to its 2018 range.

2 3D photos

3d depth

As well as packing a triple lens set-up, Apple is also said to be bringing 3D imaging to the iPhone 11.

A Bloomberg report suggests that Apple could utilise a new Sony sensor for both its front and rear cameras, meaning pictures will benefit from improved depth measuring and face detection, as well as greater Face ID accuracy.

It’s widely expected that such cameras will become standard across all high–end smartphones, so Apple will have to make sure its efforts stand out.

3 Three models to choose from

iPhone 11 render concept creator no notch hole punch

Tech tipsters including OnLeaks and Ice Universe are suggesting that the iPhone 11 will come in three variants, much like last year’s range.

It’s likely the triple-lens camera will feature in the high end replacement for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

It’s not yet clear what the updated iPhone XR will feature, although a dual lens camera remains on the cards.

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4 Expect higher prices. Again

Piggy bank savings expensive

The worrying aspect of Apple bringing 3D and triple-lens tech to the iPhone 11 is price.

Apple doesn’t use cheap components, meaning that unless it lowers its profit margins, cost will be passed onto consumers.

That could mean an iPhone 11 Max model with 512GB (or perhaps 1TB storage) will cost in excess of £1,500.

At a time when Apple’s high prices have been called into question, that seems like a bad move.

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5 No notch?

A video from tech futurist Concept Creator has shown off an iPhone 11 with no notch, instead using ‘hole punch’ tech, much like the Infinity O screen Samsung is set to bring to the Galaxy S10 later this year.

While that seems far–fetched, rumours in the past have suggested 2019’s iPhones will drop the notch, with Apple able to squeeze front–facing cameras and sensors into a thinner top bezel.

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