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iPhone 7: 5 reasons you shouldn't wait for the iPhone 7s to upgrade

The iPhone 7 is coming. And while there are plenty of reasons to save your money and wait for next year's iPhone 7s there's also plenty to suggest that plumping for Apple's imminent new smartphone is actually a pretty wise decision.

Here’s why you should break out your credit card this September.

It's waterproof

iphone 6 waterproof

All rumours point towards the iPhone 7 being Apple’s first-ever waterproof smartphone.

Last year’s iPhone 6s was found to be able to withstand plenty of liquid, thanks to internal components being protected by waterproof materials. However, it was not officially advertised as being 'water-resistant', suggesting Apple wasn't entirely confident about the phone's capacity to withstand an accidental dip in the bath.

However, this time around Apple is likely to have its new iPhone officially certified as water and dustproof, much like flagship phones from rivals Sony and Samsung.

Ensuring the iPhone 7 is water-resistant is going to be made much easier for Apple by its decision to reduce the number of ports where water could get into the handset. Talking of which...

Go wireless

iphone apple earphones

Apple is seemingly almost certain to get rid of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack in the iPhone 7.

It’s a controversial move, so much so that it’s said that the handset will come with a special adapter so users can still connect their old headphones to the device via the iPhone 7's Lightning charging port.

Rather than seeing this as a problem though, it’s worth considering it as an opportunity to invest in some decent Bluetooth headphones.

The sound quality is every bit as good as wired ear buds and there’s no annoying cable flapping around either.

Improved cameras

iPhone 7 dual camera parts leak

Cameras in both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are set to be much improved in 2016.

The latter is said to feature a dual lens system, with one offering a wider angle than the other.

This set-up should mean users can refocus images after they’ve taken them, as well as allow users to take better quality snaps for posting on social media.

The single lens iPhone 7 camera has been rumoured to feature a 21-megapixel lens and possibly optical image stabilisation for crisper shots.

More storage

iphone storage

The current iPhone storage comes in storage options of 16GB, 64GB or 128GB. And if you've got a 64GB or 128GB model, that's probably not a problem.

But if you’re packing a 16GB iPhone 6s, chances are you’ve seen the warnings that your phone is full or that you need more iCloud space to back-up photos, apps and video.

If you can’t hold out for another year, then this is possibly the best reason to buy an iPhone 7.

Word is it will come in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB versions.

The lack of a 32GB model for the past two years has been a pain and Apple looks set to finally cave in on this key complaint.

The best of iOS 10

ios 10 hero

Sure, the just-unveiled iOS 10 version of Apple's smartphone software will work on all iPhones dating back to 2012’s iPhone 5.

But if you want to get the very best out of it, from improved 3D Touch gestures, the latest Siri features and the tweaked Photos app, you’ll need an iPhone 7.

It’s likely Apple will reveal some iPhone 7–only iOS 10 features when it unveils the handset at some point in September.

If you love new software, then you should probably get the latest hardware too.

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