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iPhone 7: 5 features unlikely to star in Apple’s updated handset

iphone 7 pro

The iPhone 7 is edging ever closer to launch. But the reality is that Apple’s new smartphone is looking more and more like a damp squib.

Changes are set to be minimal, with the Cupertino company’s focus firmly trained on 2017 and a major overhaul of its bestselling product.

Plenty of sharp features have been rumoured for inclusion in Apple’s new handset.

Here are five that we don’t think will make the cut.

1 Smart Connector

smart connector ipad pro

Apple’s Smart Connector tech has been a feature of its iPad Pro range since 2015.

It allows users to connect the company’s Smart Keyboard and has been seen on the rear of leaked iPhone 7 Plus (or iPhone 7 Pro, depending who you believe) models.

But the most recent reports, including pics and video from Apple's Chinese supply chain, show a phone with the device’s larger frame but no Smart Connector buttons.

Word is that Apple could offer a wireless charging mat utilising the tech, but that now seems unlikely. It’s more likely this will be held back until 2017.

2 OLED screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hero launch

Apple has apparently struck a massive deal with arch rival Samsung, whose high-end phones always feature OLED displays, for millions of ultra bright OLED screens.

However, despite some gossip to the contrary, these won’t feature in the iPhone 7.

Rather, they’re apparently being primed for the much hyped tenth anniversary iPhone, being released next year.

It all means the display on the iPhone 7 will be lacklustre compared with rival handsets from Samsung and LG.

3 Standard headphone port


This is perhaps the only major story surrounding Apple’s new iPhone.

It’s clear that the company is going to ditch a port which is found on every smartphone, tablet and laptop out there. Even Samsung snipingly referenced Apple’s plans during its Galaxy Note 7 launch event.

Whether Apple releases special headphones to connect to its Lightning port, an adaptor or new wireless EarPods remains to be seen.

4 Long life battery

iphone 6 battery charging

Apple may be ditching the headphone port to make room a larger battery.

But don't get too excited. It's said to be the same size as the one found in 2014’s iPhone 6, after Apple actually opted to downgrade the size of the battery for the iPhone 6s.

What's more, while improvements to the device’s processor should mean it will last longer, it’s unlikely to be anything near as capacious as batteries found in newer Android phones.

However, you can expect Apple to talk up ‘all-day battery life’ when it launches the iPhone 7 next month.

5 Dual lens camera


The dual lens camera is nailed on for Apple’s larger iPhone 7 Plus. That much we'd bet the house on.

But when it comes to the regular iPhone 7, Apple appears to be sticking with its tried and trusted single lens shooter.

That makes the larger phone for more enticing, but also suggests that the standard iPhone’s camera will be nowhere near as sleek.

If you want a smaller phone with the same camera and it has to be an iPhone, it’s another case of waiting until 2017.

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