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iPhone 8 wireless charging: What we know so far

There are plenty of juicy morsels about Apple’s next–generation iPhone 8. But the one that’s got us really intrigued centres on the company’s plans for wireless charging.

So, what do we know so far? And how will this tech differ from the poorly conceived wireless charging tech we’ve seen in the past? Read on and we’ll tell you everything we know so far about Apple’s wireless iPhone charging plans.

No charging plate

iphone 6 battery charging

Previously, mobile makers have offered wireless charging via dedicated charging plates. However, these clunky products have never caught on and it seems Apple is not keen on them either.

Instead, Apple is said to be plotting a special module which will be installed inside the iPhone 8 to facilitate charging without the need to plug into a power source.

But wireless charging points

iPhone 8 wireless charging concept

Sources have suggested that the wireless charging modules inside the iPhone 8 will be able to draw power from dedicated charging units. These could be plugged in around the home or in an office, allowing iPhone owners to boost their device’s battery life from a distance of up to 15 feet.

Big investment


Earlier this month it was revealed that Energous had received a $10 million investment from Dialog Semiconductor, a company that works with Apple to produce ‘power management solutions’.

This set tongues wagging among the tech community, especially as Energous has already said it’s working with a ‘Tier 1’ mobile maker. That’s highly likely to mean Apple.

Glass design required

iphone concept future

It’s long been mooted that Apple is looking to ditch the metal design of its existing iPhone range, switching to an all–glass frame instead. This would give the handset a similar look and feel to the iPhone 4, albeit with a bigger, edge–to–edge screen.

Now though, analysts believe Apple is looking to use glass so that the iPhone 8 can easier receive the radio waves required for wireless charging, saying the material offers a ‘superior performance’ compared with metal.

Modules being tested

iPhone 8 concept size

Foxconn is already said to be manufacturing and testing wireless charging modules for Apple. It’s these tests that will determine whether the tech is ready for inclusion in the iPhone 8, or if it needs to be held back.

If yield rates are low, it may be that Apple decides to hold off and launch wireless charging for the iPhone in 2018 instead.

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