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iPhone SE 2: all the latest rumours

Seems iPhone SE version 2.0 is really happening. We've rounded up the latest rumours to get you up to speed.
iPhone SE 2 render

First it was nailed on for release in spring.

Then it was purportedly being quietly ditched by Apple as it looked to create buzz around its next set of iPhone X–style devices.

Now though, the iPhone SE 2 is back in the headlines, with a major new leak suggesting the California company is forging ahead with its budget smartphone.

Here's all the rumours about the cheap iPhone that you need to know.

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Larger screen with a notch for Face ID

iphone se render 2 notch

Image courtesy of @conceptcreator

Until now, chatter about the iPhone SE 2 had suggested it would at least retain the same 4–inch screen found on the original model.

However, Chinese media is now claiming the handset will have a slightly larger, 4.2–inch display.

It’s not yet clear if this will affect the overall size of the handset. It’s more likely that Apple will slim down the bezels, meaning the iPhone SE 2 will still be easy to use one–handed.

That factor is a deal-breaker for some users. And, after all, is the reason for the iPhone SE’s existence in the first place.

Interestingly, the phone is also said to feature the same notch at the top of the screen as the iPhone X.

This has been interpreted as a sign that the phone will feature Face ID technology, so that users can unlock their handset just by looking at.

Expect a June launch

apple wwdc

Analysts had heavily trailed plans for Apple to reveal the iPhone SE 2 at a special event in March, exactly two years since it unveiled the original version.

Now though, the same Chinese sources say that the phone will make its debut at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which is confirmed for 4th June in San Jose.

It would mark the first iPhone launch at WWDC since 2010.

A10 chipset inside


Sources claim that Apple is priming its A10 chipset for inclusion in the iPhone SE 2. This would give it the same internal power as 2016’s iPhone 7.

That’s not to be sniffed at, although it does mean it will be significantly less powerful than the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

The bonus is that this should keep costs down.

Basic specs

There are unlikely to be any major changes to the basic specs of the iPhone SE 2.

Reports suggest the phone will pack 2GB of RAM and come in 32GB/128GB storage options.

The latter have been available for a year on the iPhone SE. A 256GB edition would be welcome, but unlikely as it would make the SE 2 device overly expensive.

Glass construction

Earlier this year, analysts predicted that the iPhone SE 2 would keep the same metal design as the original, therefore meaning it wouldn’t offer wireless charging.

However, a leaked video from China suggests it'll feature a glass frame, much like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

This would mean Apple bringing cutting edge tech to its budget smartphone.

Or not...

Metal frame means no wireless charging

onleaks iPhone SE render 2

A new series of renders of the iPhone SE 2 from renowned tipster @OnLeaks appear to back this up, showing the iPhone SE 2 with a metal back.

That would keep it looking much like the original, while ensuring costs stayed down.

A glass finish is more pricey, meaning consumers would likely have to pay more for a fairly basic handset.

Headphone slot present and correct

Despite rumours to the contrary, it now seems like Apple could retain a 3.5mm headphone slot for the SE 2. So you wouldn't need an adaptor to use standard wired headphones.

Apple has long since dropped this analogue port from its top–end iPhones, with its marketing boss Phil Schiller saying it showed ‘courage’ by doing so in 2016.

Bigger battery

iphone battery

The iPhone SE’s 1640 mAh battery is small fry compared with the huge power units found in cheaper devices such as the new Moto G6.

Thankfully, Apple seems to be priming a larger battery for the iPhone SE 2.

Reports suggest it will only be a 1700 mAh effort though, meaning the A10 chipset will have to do some impressive power management to get it beyond 24 hours on a single charge.

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