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iPhone X Plus: Everything we’ve learned so far

It’s just three months since the iPhone X finally hit shelves. But the attention of Apple fanatics and tech gossip hounds has long since turned to this year’s updated iPhone X line-up, especially the capacious new iPhone X Plus.

The latter has been the subject of intense speculation in recent weeks, with a new leak showing components of the forthcoming device for the first time.

Here’s everything we’ve learned so far about the fabled phablet.

Huge screen

iPhone X Plus render

Analysts have predicted that the iPhone X Plus will pack a massive 6.5–inch screen. However, this is likely to be accommodated within a thin–bezelled frame which maximises the display without making the phone feel oversized.

A new leak from a production facility appears to confirm this, with the iPhone X Plus’s screen snapped in all its glory. The exact scale has not been revealed, but anecdotally it appears a lot larger than the existing iPhone X.

Bigger resolution

iPhone X Plus geskin

Insider sources speaking with Bloomberg have let slip that Apple is planning on boosting the resolution of the iPhone X Plus’s screen, taking it up to 1242 x 2688, compared with the iPhone X’s 1125 x 2436.

It will, of course, use OLED tech, with some analysts saying it’ll gain extra detail thanks to plans to offer more than 500 pixels per inch.

LG on board

iPhone X two handsets in-hand hero size

The latest leaked images are said to come from an LG production plant in Vietnam. This tallies with reports from 2017, which suggested Apple was keen to bring on screen suppliers other than its arch–rival Samsung, which exclusively makes the displays for the iPhone X.

Apple is rumoured to have invested as much as $1 billion in new LG OLED screen factories. It seems the iPhone X Plus’s screens will also be made by Korea’s other big name tech company.

Trial devices have been in the works since last year

iphone x packshot hero

Look closely at the leaked image of the iPhone X Plus’s screen and you’ll see a code number. Eagle–eyed Apple fans reckon the 46 marked on the component means it was made in the 46th week of 2017, which works out as late November.

That means that even as Apple was releasing the iPhone X, it was already testing its successor.

Dual-SIM tech

Apple has long wanted to build E-SIMs into its iPhones, like it does with its iPad Pro range, allowing users to switch between networks while making it harder for them to change to an Android phone.

Networks are resistant though, with the company now said to be looking at offering a dual SIM tray in the iPhone X Plus instead.

This would allow users to have two SIMs, for work or personal use, without the need to carry two devices. It’s already a key feature in many rival smartphones.

Notch present and correct

iPhone X gmail update hero

A number of rumours have pointed towards Apple scaling down the size of the notch on the next–generation iPhone X and iPhone X Plus. This leak, though, seems to fly in the face of such stories.

If anything, the notch on the iPhone X Plus looks larger, perhaps to accommodate the scale of the phone itself. Either way, it looks as if Apple’s most controversial design ever is here to stay.

Gold model incoming

Apple limited the colour palette of the iPhone X, with just silver or space grey available. However, rumours suggest it will sell a gold edition of the iPhone X Plus, apparently in a bid to entice new customers.

Sales of the iPhone X have been flatter than expected, so Tim Cook and co believe a new colourway could be the way to convince consumers to splash out.

A12 chipset

iphone se render 2 notch

It goes without saying that while the iPhone X Plus will retain the look and feel of the iPhone X, its internal specs will receive a significant boost. Bloomberg says the device will utilize a snappy new A12 processor.

Details are unclear, but expect it to be able to handle tasks even quicker than Apple’s current flagship.

Toughened up

Sources close to Apple have said that the iPhone X Plus will pack stainless steel edges, just like the iPhone X. A cheaper LCD model will use aluminium.

Just one of three

iPhone X 2018 renders

The iPhone X Plus is set to be the lead device of three new iPhones due out in late 2018. One will be a standard, 5.8–inch model, the other a 6.1–inch effort with an LCD screen costing less than its stablemates.

It will pack a similar design to the iPhone X, according to analysts. But from this early look, it seems the iPhone X Plus will be the most coveted of the lot.

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