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iPhone XS Max battery charging problems: Five things you need to know

A matter of weeks after it launched, it appears a major snag has been discovered with Apple’s latest, top-of-the-range iPhone.

Owners of the iPhone XS Max say that they’re having trouble getting their pricey new smartphone to charge properly, raising questions about both Apple’s software and hardware.

Others claim that the battery doesn't last and takes too long to get to full power.

That's not ideal, for a phone that could've cost them as much as £1,500.

So, what’s the deal? And is there a fix if you’re affected?

Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about the iPhone XS’s charging problems.

1 So, what’s the problem?

A handful of iPhone XS and XS Max owners have taken to the forums of Apple fan sites, the company’s own discussion boards and social media to complain that their new phones don’t charge properly.

Some claim that when they plug in their phone with the screen off, the device does not start charging.

It’s only when the display is on, either woken by a tap or lifting the handset, that charging starts.

Others reckon the battery is taking too long to charge and that it doesn't last as long as they expected.

2 How widespread is the problem?

Interestingly, the issue with stop-start charging does not seem to be limited to one batch of devices, with users saying gold and silver models, with different storage options, have been hit.

Some users of older models have also said they’re having the same problem.

The number of folk complaining about sub-par battery life is smaller. So it seems like they could just be a micro-sized batch of faulty batteries.

3 So, what’s to blame?

iPhone XS side on lock screen hero size

Tech-watchers believe the moist likely culprit for stop-start charging is iOS’s USB Restricted Mode.

First introduced with iOS 11.4.1, this feature stops a device from communicating with connected accessories if it’s been locked for over an hour.

The idea is to prevent data being taken and to boost security in the process.

However, here it appears to have taken things to the next level, stopping people charging their new iPhones unless they’re in use.

Considering older iPhones are also having similar trouble, it’s likely a software problem.

4 What’s Apple got to say?

Apple Store Genius Bar

Apple has not released an official statement. But on its discussion boards, iPhone XS owners say they’ve been told by AppleCare staff to go to their local store and get a replacement device.

That seems odd as it’s almost certainly a software problem. Chances are, if the problem grows, Apple will acknowledge the issue via a brief press release or social media post.

5 How it can be fixed?

Right now, there's no solution for erratic battery life and slow charging, other than taking it back to the store.

But there is a stopgap fix for when the phones stop powering-up mid-way through being charged.

This seems to be plugging your phone in while the screen is on and checking back after an hour to see if it’s still charging.

If it isn’t, power up the screen and it should starting charging again.

Chances are that Apple will issue a software update to iOS 12 to address their phones' problems properly, although that could take weeks.

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