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LG G5: 5 things we know so far

lg g5 mock up

Samsung’s not the only major player revealing new hardware to coincide with the upcoming Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

Big time rival LG is set to unveil its new handset, the G5, at the same time as Samsung pulls the wrappers off of its Galaxy S7.

And thanks to a slew of leaks, we have a very clear idea of what to expect from the all–new LG G5. Read on and we’ll tell you five things we know so far.

1 Always On

lg g5 always on

This is the big new feature which LG hopes will set the G5 apart from the competition.

A teaser GIF released by the mobile-maker on Twitter shows off plans for an ‘always on’ screen, designed to deliver notifications and access to calls and email even when a phone is in sleep mode.

It’s something which it’s already trialled on a smaller scale with its V10 handset, which had a small, ticker tape screen at the top of the main display.

Always On will put the G5 on a par with handsets like the Moto X, which has a similar ‘active notifications’ feature.

2 A ‘Magic Slot’

lg g5 magic slot

LG is said to be priming a so–called ‘Magic Slot’ for its G5. This will apparently feature at the bottom of the device and allow for hardware expansion.

While specific details are yet to emerge, it’s thought this could allow users to attach a battery pack, a keyboard or VR accessory.

This would allow LG to sell separate accessories and shout about why its top–end smartphone is different from the competition.

3 All–new design

lg g5 renders

Insiders have suggested that LG is plotting a whole new take on its flagship smartphone.

The G5 is said to be a complete reworking compared with the G3 and G4, devices which looked and felt similar.

Word is that the frame will be all–metal, while the screen will be a touch smaller than the 5.5–inch effort found in last year’s G4.

4 Improved camera

The 16-megapixel camera on the LG G5 won’t be grabbing any headlines. But the fact it is set to offer a 135 degree wide angle view is certain to turn heads.

The camera is thought to be a dual lens model, with laser–guided autofocus, something which was seen on 2014’s LG G3.

These features should put it right up there with Apple and Samsung in the smartphone camera stakes.

5 Launching February 21st

mwc 2016 logo

LG will reveal all of its plans for the G5 on February 21st in Barcelona, at a special event a day before Mobile World Congress starts.

The Korean giant will be hoping to steal headlines from Samsung, which is holding its Galaxy S7 launch event on the same day.

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