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LG G6: Five things we know so far

lg g6 teaser

LG’s G6 isn’t official yet. But thanks to some official teasers and a series of leaks, there’s already plenty of gossip online about the Korean company’s new flagship smartphone.

With a smart new screen, improved camera and some impressive internal specs, this is a device that’s worth getting excited about.

Read on and we’ll tell you five things we know so far about the LG G6.

1. Arriving 26th February


LG has sent out invites to a special media event in Barcelona for 26th February, the day before the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) kicks off in the Catalan city.

While it’s not explicitly promised the G6 for that date, MWC is when LG traditionally reveals its latest flagship smartphone. Revealing the device the day before the show opens means LG will be sure to grab headlines.

2. Dual lens camera

lg camera close up

LG released a teaser clip at the start of January, which talked up an ‘ideal smartphone’ to be revealed next month that has the ability to capture ‘perfect images’.

While LG itself hasn’t said what tech its camera will feature, tech hounds have found word that the G6 will include a dual lens shooter, on a par with that found on Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus.

3. All–new screen tech

LG K and Stylus 3 announcement hero image

At the start of 2017, LG unveiled a new smartphone screen, promising it would be available in its own products soon. The display features a unique 18:9 aspect ratio, making it narrower than regular smartphone screens.

This is to ensure it works perfectly with Google’s new split screen app view, which forms a core part of its Android Nougat software. The latter is set to power the LG G6, meaning this display will be front and centre come 26th February.

4. No more modular extras

lg g5 modular

Unconfirmed rumours also point towards LG ditching the modular approach it took with the G5. That saw it offer a string of extra products, from an improved camera to a speaker system, which could plug into the bottom of its previous flagship.

While a smart idea, the novelty factor does not tend to impress smartphone customers, who want standard features done well, rather than out-there additions that can feel like gimmicks.

5. Water and dust proof

Waterproof LG 3

In its teaser video, LG promised its upcoming flagship device would be reliable. This is said to mean that it will be water and dust proof.

The exact rating isn’t clear yet, but with the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 set to be IP68 certified, expect LG to go all out and match its big name rivals.

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