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LG G6: Five things you need to know about its widescreen display

LG G6 angled hero

After weeks of leaks and chatter, LG’s new G6 is official.

Unveiled at Mobile World Congress, the device looks set to be one of 2017’s leading smartphones, not least because of its unique screen.

The G6’s display promises to set it apart from its rivals and make it a winner when it comes to watching video and side–by–side app multitasking.

Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about the LG G6’s screen.

Just a need a general snapshot of what the G6 offers? Here's the five things you need to know

1 Widescreen ‘FullVision’ display

The key thing which sets the display on the LG G6 apart is its shape.

Dubbed ‘FullVision’ by LG, the 5.7-inch screen comes in an unusual 18:9 aspect ratio, making it taller and narrower than those found on other smartphones.

This has a number of advantages, not least when it comes to taking pictures, using different apps simultaneously and watching video. Talking of which...

2 Better for movies and TV

LG G6 screen dolby

LG brought out award–winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro at its big Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, ostensibly to talk up FullVision’s movie viewing smarts.

Storaro said that with plans for a new widescreen format, the G6 would be at the forefront of innovation.

He also said that it meant there was no need for videos to be cropped, so users get to see movies and shows as directors intended.

In the short term, that means watching Netflix on the G6 should be a lot more enjoyable than on current smartphones.

3 Apps side–by–side

LG split screen

App multitasking has been big news ever since Google revealed that Android Nougat would allow users to run add–ons side–by–side.

FullVision on the G6 means users won’t get cramped versions of apps, rather two, equally–sized square–shaped apps next to each other.

The result is far better than any other multitasking solution we’ve seen so far and should give LG an edge among power users.

4 Clever camera features

LG G6 camera

Having that extra screen real estate also means the the LG G6 has some funky camera skills.

A new square camera mode allows users to see two square images on top of each other when framing shots, meaning it’s possible to get creative with layouts and multiple shots.

Best of all, these are primed and ready for Instagram, with no cropping required before posting to the Facebook–owned app.

5 Dedicated games

LG G6 Temple Run 2

The longer display on the LG G6 makes it ripe for top–end games.

During its press conference, LG revealed a special G6 collection of titles being sold in Google Play, optimised for the device’s FullVision screen.

These include a major update to Temple Run 2, Spider Man Unlimited and a tweaked version of Crossy Road.

Put simply, LG is going all out to show users why a longer screen makes for a better smartphone experience.

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