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LG G6: Five things you need to know

LG G6 full vision

LG’s G6 is a headline–grabbing new handset, designed to steal the limelight from rival Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S8 and show up other mobile makers plying their wares at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Here's five essential things you need to know about the LG G6.

1 A clever new screen for multi-tasking

LG G6 screen size

The LG G6’s 5.7–inch screen is capacious and has Quad HD+ resolution.

But while that’s impressive, it’s hardly revolutionary compared with rival handsets.

What makes it stand out is its aspect ratio. At 18:9, it’s narrower and taller than any other phone on the market, with the specific aim of improving split screen app view in the Android Nougat operating system.

It should also make watching widescreen clips on Netflix better, making this the ideal handset for long journeys, when nothing less than a feature film will alleviate the boredom.

The screen's also optimised for gaming. And to get you started, LG is bundling the G6 with a free G6 Game Collection. This includes Temple Run 2, Spider-Man Unlimited, Crossy Road, SimCity BuildIt, Cookie Jam and Genies & Gems.

2 Windows–style live tiles

Already teased in a short clip, LG’s rejigged user experience (UX) owes much to the square tiles found in Windows 10.

It means you can switch between apps and widgets easily, seeing notifications and what tunes you’re playing at a glance.

Rather than the staid approach LG has taken in the past, this suggests the G6 will be a lot more immersive and colourful than previous LG flagship phones.

Want to know more about the G6's screen? We take a closer look

3 Wide–angle dual lens camera

lg g6 camera

Cameras are the one area where smartphone-makers are really duking it out. And LG is refusing to be left behind with the G6.

Its rear camera is a dual lens affair. Each sensor comes in at 13 megapixels, but what makes it stand apart is its 125 degree wide angle view.

LG boasts that this is as good as 20:20 human vision, meaning pictures should be all–encompassing and impressively panoramic.

Best of all, LG says these wide angle snaps will fit into a square view, so there’ll be no need to tweak them in Instagram.

On top of all that, there’s a special food mode, saturating colours so your dinner shots look professional, and a 360-degree panorama mode too.

4 No more overheating

Galaxy Note 7 southwest airlines

Overheating smartphones are a worrying fact of life, especially if you're a heavy phone user.

But in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, LG has taken steps to prevent any nasty accidents, installing the G6 with a special heat management system that draws heat away from essential components to stop it burning up.

5 Rear fingerprint sensor and waterproofing

Many scoffed at LG when it first offered a rear fingerprint scanner in its smartphones. Now everyone, including Samsung, is at it.

As ever, the G6 comes with the same tech, allowing LG to make the front of the G6 virtually all display and still benefit from extra security when pressing on the scanner on the back of the phone.

It makes you wonder why Samsung didn’t hop on the bandwagon sooner.

The handset is also water-resistant with an IP68 rating. That means it's water resistant to a maximum depth of 1.5 metres for up to half an bour. And it's dust-resistant too.

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