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Mobile World Congress 2017: Five phones to look out for

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 kicks off in just a few weeks.

The Barcelona event is the biggest gathering of mobile makers in the world and promises to deliver plenty of headline grabbing new devices.

So, what should you be looking out for? And which handsets will make it worth putting off that long overdue upgrade? Read on and we’ll reveal all.

1 LG G6

LG G6 teaser invite

LG’s new flagship is due to be unveiled at a special event on 26th February, a day before MWC throws open its doors.

The Korean company has done a terrible job of keeping things under wraps, with a series of leaks meaning we know it’s set to come in glossy black and brushed metal variants.

And that’s not all. LG is lining up a special dual lens camera, a unique 18:9 display for an improved split screen app view, the latest Qualcomm processor and possibly Google Assistant.

The device will be powered by the newest Android Nougat software.

2 Nokia 8

nokia 8

The return of Nokia has been a long time coming. The Nokia 6, already unveiled in China, has proved an unlikely hit and the company that was pushed out of the device business thanks to the iPhone is due to offer more at MWC.

Its Nokia 8, spotted at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show, runs a special version of Google Android, with a huger 5.7–inch super AMOLED screen, 24 megapixel camera and an all–metal frame.

It may not become a bestseller, but you can bet it’ll be one of the best phones in Barcelona.

3 Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 new concept

Samsung’s already said that it won’t be showing off its new Galaxy S8 on the MWC show floor.

But reliable rumours suggest it will give us a brief glimpse of the phone in a 60-second clip at the end of its press conference on 26th February.

While little will be given away, expect a sneak peek at its new Bixby intelligent assistant, the new rear fingerprint scanner and swanky, all screen front.

Samsung has so much riding on the Galaxy S8 that it can’t afford to miss any of the buzz in Catalonia.

4 BlackBerry Mercury

 blackberry mercury

In keeping with the old school feel brought by Nokia, BlackBerry is set to unveil its latest attempt at making a comeback.

The BlackBerry Mercury, confirmed for launch at MWC, features a physical keyboard just like those pre–iPhone bestsellers.

The device is being made under licence by a company called TCL, rather than BlackBerry itself, but the design is reminiscent of older phones.

There’s 32GB storage, a hefty 18 megapixel camera and USB–C for fast charging. It will also run Android Nougat, with BlackBerry’s second rate operating system thankfully consigned to the past.

5 Sony Yoshino

Sony Xperia X

Sony’s smartphones have won plaudits but failed to catch on in recent years. However, reports of its new flagship, codenamed Yoshino, suggest it may have a commercial success on its hands.

This new device is said to have a 4K screen, 6GB of RAM and an in–house camera sensor that could put rivals to shame. The Japanese company is expected to reveal as many as five phones at MWC 2017.

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