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Nokia 8110 Reloaded: Five things you need to know

Everything you need to know about Nokia’s comeback king.
nokia 8110 mwc 2018

Not content with going back to the future with the 3310 in 2017, Nokia owner HMD has turned up at this year’s Mobile World Congress with an update on the classic 8110, aka the ‘Matrix’ phone.

So what’s the deal? And should you ditch your smartphone for this killer new handset?

Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about the Nokia 8110.

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1 The banana phone is back

Nokia 8110 Snake hero size

The Nokia 8110 was the defining device of the 1990s.

A candy bar handset with a curved design, it was known as the banana phone and had a starring role in The Matrix, making it a must–have for tech fanatics of a certain vintage.

It was as high–end as you could get and out of reach for most, but now it’s back in a modern guise, dubbed the Nokia 8110 Reloaded, and with a cheaper price tag to match.

It even comes in banana yellow (and black for more stylish types).

2 Just €79 SIM–free

Nokia 8110 banana phone in-hand slide hero size

HMD, Nokia’s owners, have promised to sell the 8110 for just €79 (a UK price hasn’t been announced, but £79 is likely).

That means that a phone that once left users fearing the need to take out a second mortgage is ultra affordable, bringing nostalgic style and modern smarts to a mobile scene that is centred foursquare on large, touchscreen slates.

3 Modern tech included

Just because the Nokia 8110 harks back to the days of prohibitively expensive line rentals and text messages at 25p a pop, doesn’t mean it lacks modern smartphone features.

HMD has loaded it up with 4G for fast connections, as well as Google Maps, Search and, crucially, the search giant’s Assistant voice tool.

Facebook and Twitter apps are also preloaded. There’s even an app store.

4 Battery for days

Nokia 8110 yellow and black backs hero size

It’s no secret that even the best smartphone batteries struggle for more than 36 hours.

And after last year’s Nokia 3310 proved you could still get days out of a phone, the Nokia 8110 does the same.

HMD says the phone can last for 17 days on a single charge, or nine days of talk time. Tell that to an iPhone owner and watch them weep.

5 And a camera too

Nokia 8110 camera

It might only be two megapixels, but at least the Nokia 8110 manages to squeeze in a camera as well.

For quick snaps and an easy experience, it’s hard to beat. And for those on a nostalgia trip, there’s something about those blocky snaps that old school camera phones take.

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