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OnePlus 6: 5 things you need to know

5 goes into 6 in uSwitch's latest instalment of smartphone maths.

Unveiled today (16th May) the OnePlus 6 is billed as the handset-maker's fastest and most sophisticated smartphone so far.

It’s also the first with an all-glass design and packs in a larger screen than its predecessor, the 5T, complete with an iPhone X-style notch cut-out at the top.

And it’s got an improved camera, which lets you take depth-of-field selfies and lets you record slo-mo video for a whole minute.

So that’s the précis and the sales pitch. But what has the phone really got to offer? We take a look.

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1 All-new, all-screen, all-glass design

OnePlus 6 swipe up hero size

The OnePlus 6’s Full Optic AMOLED display comes in at a substantial 6.28-inches, up from the 5T’s six inches. As is de-rigeur with high-end smartphones, the screen takes up the entire front of the phone.

This space-saving design decision has enabled OnePlus to make the screen larger while keeping the phone itself compact and eminently pocketable.

At the top of the display, there’s a notch, or cut-out, a la iPhone X. This houses the front-facing camera, an LED light and a front speaker and is comparable in size to Apple’s current top-of-the-range smartphone.

As you may remember, in the case of the iPhone X the notch proved controversial in some quarters because it eats into the screen, which can be a bit irksome while you’re watching movies. But also because some felt it ruined the aesthetics of the phone.

To help remedy that in the OnePlus 6 a software update is on its way, which will enable you to blackout the top section of the screen completely. Or on either side of the notch.

The display is fashioned from robust Gorilla Glass 5, as is the body of the phone. So it’s tough enough to survive 1.6m, shoulder-height drops onto hard surfaces.

2 Upgraded dual camera with minute-long slo-mo video and bokeh selfies

OnePlus 6 selfie camera hero size

As the triple-lens toting Huawei P20 Plus and photographic tour-de-force Galaxy S9 attest, the standard of smartphone cameras has increased exponentially recently.

Not to be left behind, the OnePlus 6 is equipped with a high-speed dual-lens camera that pairs a 16-megapixel main lens with a secondary lens that comes in at 20-megapixels. Both of these are made by Sony and have f1.7 apertures.

The main lens also comes with a sensor that’s 19% larger than the 5T, which lets more light in for better results when you’re shooting in low light conditions, as well as optical image stabilisation (OIS) to cut down on blur.

To help less experienced snappers get better results, OnePlus has incorporated a new High Dynamic Range algorithm. So what does that mean? It basically processes your image to make blacks blacker and colours look more colourful.

OnePlus 6 video recording camera hero size

The front camera has been overhauled too. Like the main one, it’s now got two lenses. The upshot is that you can now take so-called bokeh selfie shots, which artfully blur out the background to bring your subject into super-sharp focus.

This won’t be available from launch, mind. But will arrive shortly after with a software update.

You can also get creative with your selfies by adding circles, hearts and stars. If you’re feeling especially whimsical, that is.

A major point of differentiation from rival phones is that the OnePlus 6 also allows you to shoot up to a minute of super slo-mo high-definition footage at 480 frames per second.

Compare and contrast that with some phones that limit the window in which you’re shooting in slow-mo to just a matter of seconds.

The result is that you’re a lot more in control of your slo-mo clips and don’t have to wait until the phone tells you it’s ready to shoot.

You can also capture 4K video at 60 frames per second, with Electronic Image Stabilisation technology on board to help eliminate blurrycam.

Once again, there’s the option to tinker with your clips to indulge your inner auteur. The built-in Video Editor lets you trim and filter videos, as well as add background music, slo-mo, reverse or loop effects.

3 Power, speed and battery boost

OnePlus 6 battery charging hero size

OnePlus claims its handset gives you ‘the speed you need’. And to make that happen, there are some major upgrades under the bonnet.

Not least of which is the addition of a beefy Qualcomm 845 processor that’s paired with a similarly brawny Adreno 630 GPU and plenty of RAM. Combined with some neat software optimisations, that ought to add up to a dazzlingly zippy smartphone.

In real-world situations it should mean you can capture images faster because the camera won’t lag. And should make for smoother, frustration-free mobile gaming too.

Perhaps surprisingly given there’s a power-thirsty, larger screen on board, the battery comes in at 3,300mAh. That’s the same size as the 5T.

However, OnePlus reckons that optimisations implemented to the chipset mean their latest phone draws 30% less power than the 5T. And that the battery is 10% more efficient, too.

As with all latter-day OnePlus phones, the handset-maker’s exclusive, genuinely best-in-class Dash Charge fast charge tech is present and correct. So you can still go from 0-60% power in half an hour of charging.

4 Facial security teamed with fingerprint scanner

OnePlus 6 face unlock hero size

Face Unlock technology means you can unlock the OnePlus 6 just by looking at the screen. This sounds unchanged from the 5T, which used 100 identifiers on your face and was impressively quick and hard to fool.

This time around, OnePlus has repositioned the fingerprint scanner and it now sits at the rear of the handset, just below the camera. According to OnePlus, this unlocks the handset in 0.2 seconds.

5 Three colours to choose from. Starting at just shy of £470

OnePlus 6 colourways hero size

Available to buy from 22nd May, the OnePlus 6 comes in Mirror Black (read: super shiny and silvery) and Midnight Black (read: more of a matte finish). There's also a limited-edition Pearl White number (the standout for us) that’s not available to buy until 5th June.

You’ve got a choice of storage options, all of which would be ample for most users. Prices start from £469 and go up to £519 for the top-of-the-range edition with a whopping 256GB of storage.

  • Mirror Black 64GB: £469
  • Mirror Black 128GB: £519
  • Midnight Black 128GB: £519
  • Midnight Black 256GB: £569
  • Silk White 128GB: £519

Sold on the OnePlus 6? Take a look at a selection of the best deals.

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