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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 dual camera: five things you need to know

You’ve probably heard that the Galaxy Note 8 has a dual camera set-up. It’s not the first phone to do so. In fact, they’re becoming more and more common. Basically, it means it has two rear cameras instead of one.

But what’s the point of it? And how does it work? Let’s find out by running down everything you need to know.

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1) They both have 12 megapixels

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen and camera hero size

That’s a very high resolution for a smartphone camera. In fact, it’s on a par with the single rear camera found in the Galaxy S8. And the S8 has one of the best mobile cameras around, which bodes well for the Note 8.

2) They have different lenses

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera in action

The Note 8’s cameras have different lenses, however. One has a telephoto lens, and one a wide-angle. This allows them to both take a slightly different photo. Using witchcraft, the phone then stitches both photos together into one ultra photo, giving you best of both worlds.

The result? Photos with a higher resolution, less graininess in low light and better depth. Your holiday snaps won’t know what’s hit them.

3) And optical image stabilisation

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera screen hero size

Optical image stabilisation (or OIS, as it’s also known) keeps your shots steady, so your snaps don’t come out blurred. It’s not found in every smartphone, only more expensive ones. So the fact that both snappers have it is a real plus.

It means your shots should stay steady even if your hand doesn’t.

4) You can save shots separately

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 side-on gallery

Using the Dual Capture Mode, both cameras take two photos simultaneously, letting you save both images. One will be a close-up from the telephoto lens, and one wide-angle that shows the entire background. Pick which one you like, or go for somewhere between the two, it’s your call.

5) Rapid auto focus

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera recording mode hero size

The wide-angle lens has a Dual Pixel sensor with rapid auto focus, which lets you capture sharper, clearer shots even in low light. Those bar shots have never looked so good.

There’s also a third camera around the front. It’s an 8-megapixel model with smart auto focus. And it should be ideal for selfies and video chats.

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