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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: five things you need to know

After months of leaks, rumour and speculation, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is here.

Samsung’s newest smartphone is a bigger, brasher take on the Galaxy S8, as well as being the follow up to last year’s Galaxy Note 7, which was pulled from shelves due to exploding batteries.

So, what’s new? And when can you lay your hands on it? Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Huge screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 stand

As expected, Samsung has loaded the Galaxy Note 8 with a massive display. It clocks in at a huge 6.3–inches, with the same ‘Infinity Display’ smarts on show in the Galaxy S8, with Super AMOLED tech ensuring ultra bright colour reproduction.

It makes this a truly edge–to–edge device, with no buttons on the front to get in the way of that screen.

Of course, the sheer scale means this is not for everyone, especially as it can’t easily be pocketed.

The bundled S–Pen, though, makes it easier to use, especially as it offers additional functionality, including the ability to make quick notes on the lock screen, select copy, images or clips to easily share and translate sentences into different languages too.

Dual lens camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera screenshot

Samsung has beaten Apple’s iPhone 8 to the punch with its new dual lens camera. It features a wide angle and telephoto lens, each clocking in at 12 megapixels.

There is 2x optical zoom to ensure sharp images when getting up close, while optical image stabilisation ensures improved low light performance.

The wide–angle lens’s f/1.7 aperture also boosts the Galaxy Note 8’s ability to snap better shots after dark, allowing in more light than rival handsets.

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Plenty of storage

There are 64GB, 128GB and 256GB versions of the Galaxy Note 8. All of these models also come with microSD support, meaning you can boost the amount of space available for apps, music, games and files by a further 256GB.

Having 512GB of space on a smartphone is something power users can certainly get on board with. This continues to be a key area where Samsung’s phones stand out against Apple’s. The iPhone 8 will not offer expandable storage.

Bixby on board

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 bixby

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant is available from the get go with the Galaxy Note 8, having launched globally earlier this week on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

While it only understands US English for now, it has the ability to make conversation and develop a much a greater understanding of basic commands compared with the likes of Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

It can be accessed by saying ‘Hi Bixby’ or pressing the dedicated button on the side of the device.

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Available soon, but it won’t be cheap

Samsung says the Galaxy Note 8 will be available to pre–order from 24th August, before hitting shelves on 15th September.

But if you want it, it won’t come cheap. SIM–free prices start at £869 although you’ll be able to spread the cost with a contract from any of the UK’s major networks.

Just be aware that as this is Samsung’s major iPhone rival, you’ll be paying a hefty monthly fee to use that killer dual lens camera and all those other top–end features.

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