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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: What we know so far

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: What we know so far

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 looked as if it would be the last of the Korean company’s super screen smartphones, after it was pulled from shelves due to exploding batteries.

But now the world’s biggest mobile maker looks set to release a follow–up to the phone which grabbed headlines in 2016 for all the wrong reasons.

So, what do we know so far about the next–gen Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Read on and we’ll reveal all.

1. Samsung says it’s coming

Samsung Note 7 launch 1

Talk of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 isn’t just idle chatter. DJ Koh, the man who heads up Samsung’s mobile division, told CNET that he wanted to, “bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8.”

Koh added that in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle that, “there are lots and lots of loyal Note customers”, who he will no doubt want to please.

2. Thousands of customers are keen

samsung galaxy note 7 colours s-pen

Despite the fact that the Note 7 hit Samsung’s share price and harmed overall sales, it says that thousands of people want to know more about its Note 8 plans.

Its U.S. boss, Tim Baxter, said that over 10,000 people signed up during the Note 7 investigation to hear more about plans for the Note 8. He claimed that owners of older Note models were desperate to upgrade.

3. Not out for months

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery tests

Samsung hasn’t even launched its Galaxy S8 yet. That phone is expected to be revealed no earlier than the end of March, before hitting shelves in April.

The Galaxy Note 8 may arrive in August, a year after the Note 7, although that could be ambitious for a company looking to overhaul how it makes phones in order to ensure they don’t explode.

Expect any launch to come around the same time as Apple’s iPhone 8, in a bid to take some of the attention away from Cupertino’s latest device. This is predicted to be around September.

4. Bigger than the S8

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7

Samsung is said to be plotting two S8 models. Whatever happens, the Galaxy Note 8 is likely to be much larger than either of them, pushing tablet size.

Samsung, after all, pioneered this take on smartphones and is unlikely to want to lose ground to Apple, LG and Google, even if the Note brand has become tarnished over the past six months.

5. All–new features

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch iris scanner

Samsung is set to load up the Galaxy S8 with some of the same features as the Note 7, in particular iris recognition.

That leaves the Note 8 as the perfect handset for innovation, allowing the company to promote new features. This will most likely include a dual camera setup and possibly full facial recognition tech.

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