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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Five features we already know about

galaxy note 9 render

Samsung has done a terrible job at keeping details about its upcoming Galaxy Note 9 under wraps.

Thanks to a series of tweets, leaked images and seemingly official links to the company’s website, we now know virtually everything to expect when the Note 9 launches in New York on 9th August.

Keen to get the inside line? Then here are five Galaxy Note 9 features we already know about.

1) The battery

samsung galaxy note 9 leak packaging

Samsung is looking to make its phones last longer than a single day without having to desperately find power. And the Galaxy Note 9 is set to lead the line with a massive 4,000mAh battery.

This chat has been doing the rounds for weeks via source on social media and those close to Samsung’s supply chain. The only issue is that its charger is likely to be a sluggish 10W effort, meaning it could take a few hours to reach 100%.

2) The processor

Official filings with regulators and leaks from benchmark tests suggest the Galaxy Note 9 will come with Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 845 processors.

This is the best in the business when it comes to Android phones. So expect to see the Note 9 load web pages, fire up apps and generally tick along at a pace only a handful of rivals can match.

3) The design

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black Friday

Aside from the odd millimetre here and there, the Galaxy Note 9 looks to have kept exactly the same look and feel as the Note 8. That means a massive 6.3–inch Infinity Display, barely–there bezels and, thankfully, no notch.

Considering the latter is fast becoming essential among those looking to emulate Apple’s iPhone X, that’s a welcome move. Those who want a revolutionary new look will have to wait until 2019 and the folding Galaxy X.

4) The space

Samsung is believed to have three Galaxy Note 9 models in the works. One with 128GB storage, another with 256GB and a third with a massive 512GB.

All of these are set to feature microSD expansion up to 512GB, meaning the largest phone could offer a gargantuan 1TB of space for HD films, tunes and apps. The price, however, is likely to be sky high.

Speaking of which...

5) The price


A leak said to have come from Samsung’s Poland offices claims that the Galaxy Note 9 will start at around £875 SIM–free. That’s about the same as the Note 8’s launch price (£869), although details on the larger models is unclear.

Either way, contracts are likely to cost from around £50 per month over two years for anything approaching decent data allowance, something you’ll need to ensure this handset works to its full potential.

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