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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen stylus: Five things you need to know

All the details about Samsung’s new mobile magic wand.

The S Pen stylus has always been one of the biggest selling points of the Galaxy Note series, and the Galaxy Note 9 is no different.

Samsung has upped the stakes this year, giving the stylus more features )than ever before. Such as? How about Bluetooth, quick recharging and an open community for developers. And that’s just for starters…

Read on for everything you need to know.

1 It has Bluetooth Low Energy

Also known as Bluetooth LE, this is the same wireless tech found inside smartwatches, wireless headphones, in-car systems, and pretty much any device that communicates wirelessly with a smartphone.

This means it can interact with the phone wirelessly when in close proximity.

2 Enabling wireless skills

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 colourways and S Pen stylus hero

That means you can play and pause YouTube videos without prodding the screen and getting finger marks all over it. It also lets you play and pause music, activate the camera button – which will be great for hands-free selfies – and flip through slides in a PowerPoint presentation.

This last one might sound a little business-centric. But it lets you skip both forward and back, which is pretty handy.

3 It’ll be opened up to developers

Samsung will soon open up the software development kit (SDK() to developers, letting them make their own functions for the S Pen. It’ll be like the skills on Amazon Echo, with all manner of third parties coming up with their own innovative uses for it.

So while its use might seem a little limited now, expect it to gain a boatload of new skills very soon.

4 It charges in double-quick time

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Close up of device and S Pen stylus

Obviously because it has these new powers, it has its own internal battery, hence it needs charging up, just like the phone itself. The good news is to charge it, you just pop it into the phone.

It’s quick, too. A full charge takes less than a minute. That gives you enough juice for half an hour’s use. Which should be long enough for even the most particular of selfie takers.

5 Digital community

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - S Pen Evolution - launch event

Samsung has launched a digital community for S Pen users to share their work. It’s called PenUp, and it’s live right now.

Once the Note 9 launches, expect it to get an influx of new creations.

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