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Samsung Galaxy S8 on PayPal Credit: how to get the Galaxy S8 and spread your payments

Splashing out hundreds of pounds in one go for a brand new smartphone is a big ask. After all, not many people have a lump sum like that to hand.

Luckily, help is available with the PayPal Credit plan for the Galaxy S8. Rather like a traditional hire purchase scheme, it allows you to spread your payments over 24 months. So there’s no need to sell the family silver to get your hands on the £689 asking price for the S8.

Read on and we’ll walk you through how it works.

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How does PayPal Credit work?

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If you’ve ever bought anything on hire purchase, you pretty much already know how PayPal Credit works. Essentially it’s just like buying something on a credit card. In this case with a fixed rate of 14.9%.

As with any loan agreement, you’re subject to a credit check. But once you’ve been approved, which ought to take a matter of minutes, you’ll get a credit limit in your PayPal account that you can use to pay for the Galaxy S8 from the Samsung eShop.

You then pay back the money in monthly installments.

How much is it?

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The standard edition of S8 on PayPal Credit comes in at £33.08 per month, over a 24-month repayment plan. That means your total outlay comes to £793.68.

Were you to buy the S8 outright in one lump sum you’d pay £689. So buying through PayPal Credit means you pay £104.68 more.

Pick up the S8 Plus via PayPal Credit and you’ll pay £37.79 per month over 24 months. That works out at £897.36 over 24 months, compared with the standard RRP of £779.

So in both cases, you’ll pay a little over £100 extra when you go with PayPal Credit. However, for the extra outlay you’re able to spread your payments over two years.

Find out more and pick up the Galaxy S8 with PayPal Credit.

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What’s the advantage in buying this way?

Other than spreading your payments and the fact that there’s nothing to pay upfront, PayPal Credit means you’re free to choose any network SIM you like.

This usually means you can get better deal on your calls, texts and data than you would normally find with a contract that bundles the phone and monthly allowances together.

It'll give you more flexibility too, because you can a 12-month contract or a one-month contract, leaving you free to switch to another network if you track down a better offer.

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