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Samsung Galaxy S9 camera: Five things you need to know

Samsung claims it's reinvented the camera. So what does that mean?
Samsung Galaxy S9 camera night

The Galaxy S9 promises to have the most advanced smartphone camera around. It's got its work cut out – the iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 both have fantastic snappers, so Samsung's will have to be pretty special to take the crown.

The S9 has plenty of new and more advanced features to get even the most amateur photographer excited. And Samsung's snappers were already some of the best around.

Let's see what the S9 can do in the camera department.

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1) Dual aperture


The headline feature is a dual aperture system.

This physically switches between a focal length of 1.5 for low-light photography to a focal length of 2.4, which is ideal for taking photos outside.

It's designed to mimic how the human eye adjusts to changes in lighting, just much faster.

It lets in as much light as possible in dark environments in order to bring out more detail in the shot, and provides a shallow depth of field for the 'bokeh' effect where the background is blurred.

But then it's also geared up for shooting outdoors in natural light.

The result should be a snapper that's ready for all conditions.

2) Dual lens, dual pixel


The S9's dual lens capability means you can focus on the subject while blurring the background for those coffee table-ready bokeh shots.

Dual pixel, meanwhile, is a technology very similar to phase detection seen in other smartphone cameras.

It helps the camera focus super quickly on any object, no matter where it is in the frame.

3) Sharper shots

Samsung S9 camera pro mode hero size

Samsung has integrated a D-RAM memory chip into the camera, as part of the dual speed image sensor.

This can process four times as much image data as before, minimising noise, and giving you a much clearer image in low light.

Your end-of-the-night shots have never been clearer. Or more incriminating.

4) Super slow motion


The same D-RAM chip powers the super slow mo capability. It records videos at 960fps (frames per second) – that's much better than the iPhone X and Google Pixel 2's 240fps.

It lets you stretch a 0.2-second event (about as much time as it takes to blink) out into six seconds.

Which should make for some amazing action movie-style 'jumping away from an explosion' shots. Should you find yourself in that situation.

You can take longer clips than before and slow them down at just the right moments.

It also has auto capture – pick a section of the screen, and it slows down only the footage within that area.

You can turn slow mo videos into gifs to send to friends, and even set one to play on your lock screen so you see it every time you wake your phone.

5) Telephoto lens

Samsung Galaxy S9 fingerprint scanner hero size

Lastly, the telephoto lens means you'll be able to zoom with much more precision.

Most smartphones have a digital zoom, which just crops the image you're trying to capture.

A telephoto lens actually gets you closer, and so doesn't lose any detail that you do with a digital zoom.

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