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Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone: five things you need to know

The future of phones is bendable and posable. And Samsung is leading the field.
Samsung Galaxy X concept hero

Right now the technology rumour mill is alive with chatter about the Galaxy Note 9, due in August, and next year's Galaxy S10.

But while both those model are set to be incremental updates of smartphones we already know and love, there’s one new product that has got us truly excited: the Galaxy X.

Billed as a genuinely cutting-edge gadget, the X is rumoured to be the first mass-market foldable phone. And by breaking with the seemingly set-in stone black-slab school of phone design, could usher in a new era in pocket technology.

Want to know more? Then read on and we’ll tell you five key slices of gossip.

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1 It's a folding phone

The Galaxy X stands out from the crowd for one key reason: it folds. Folding screen tech has been in testing for years, with Samsung’s own Project Valley long touted as the future. Now it seems those tests are bearing fruit.

2 Three folds

Samsung Galaxy X concept hero 2

Image credit: T3.

Reports suggest that the Galaxy X will actually consist of three, 3.5–inch screens.

These can be folded into different configurations, with the option to have it opened out like a tablet, folded like a book and, yes, like an old–school flip phone.

This shapeshifting look could help define how smartphones look for the next decade.

3 It'll debut early next year

Twitter tipster Ice Universe has rubbished recent chat about the Galaxy X coming later in 2019.

His inside sources say that it will actually launch at the start of the year at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, rather than Mobile World Congress a month later.

This makes a lot of sense - mobile makers rarely use CES to show off their wares, meaning Samsung will be the talk of Sin City.

4 Limited edition

While Samsung i77s used to churning out millions of Galaxy S handsets, the Galaxy X will be a very different beast.

Rumours claim that it will only make between 300,000 and 500,000 in total, with yields of the device expected to remain low.

That means it will be hard to track down for all but the most diehard of Samsung fans.

5 Huge price tag

saving money

Hold onto your credit cards. Asian analysts believe that the Galaxy X will cost as much as £1,375 SIM–free. That’s obviously a huge outlay for a phone.

However, when you consider a 256GB iPhone X costs £1,149 and lacks the folding screen tech of the Galaxy X, that doesn’t seem quite so absurd.

Just be aware that folding phones are unlikely to be affordable for a few years yet.

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