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Samsung’s bendable smartphones: 5 things we know so far

samsung galaxy skin flexible bendable

Samsung’s innovation in smartphone design has left Apple trailing in its wake over the past year.

The Galaxy S7 Edge’s sharp looks and unique curved screen made it a critical and commercial success.

And now the company looks set to release two new phones that take things to the next level.

Featuring bendable screens, these as-yet-unnamed handsets have the potential to shake up the smartphone market and change how we use our devices for good.

Read on and we’ll tell you everything we about them so far.

1 Bendable, flexible

samsung flexible phone screengrab

The biggest deal here is the display.

Using OLED tech, these two phones will be completely bendable without impacting on quality of the display, meaning you could potentially hold them like a book and look at the screens at an angle.

Unlike the existing curved screens on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge, users will be able to bend the screen themselves.

Exactly this sort of flexible display tech has been touted before by Samsung, but until now it’s always been seen as a distant hope for the future, not something that could be in our hands imminently.

2 Two handsets

samsung flexible phone hero

Under the banner Project Valley, Samsung is readying two bendable handsets.

Sources close to Samsung say that one is like ‘a compact mirror’, meaning it will fold out into a regular sized smartphone, in much the same way that old–school flip phones popped open to reveal the display and keyboard.

The other is a 5–inch smartphone that can be folded out into an 8–inch tablet. Both are hugely unique and exciting prospects.

3 A 2017 launch

mobile world congress 2017 logo

Samsung isn’t holding back with these new phones either. Word is it could launch both phones at next year’s Mobile World Congress. That takes place in February in Barcelona.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that that’s over six months ahead of when Apple is set to reveal its overhauled iPhone range, apparently including a model with a curved screen.

By then though, curved displays could be old hat, making Apple’s new handsets look long in the tooth from launch day.

4 Not a Galaxy S

samsung galaxy s6

Samsung is said to be considering a new brand for these phones.

Sources say they will not be part of the wider Galaxy S family, which it wants to keep separate.

What Samsung goes with remains anyone’s guess, but launching a whole new range means consumers won’t be confused when it comes to researching and buying these new products.

5 No more yet


Leaks have yet to reveal how Samsung plans to develop a user interface for these new phones.

It’s likely it will have to create a new take on Google Android, which can work fully when folded up and opened out.

This could prove a challenge, but with Android’s user interface much–improved, it’s one we expect Samsung to overcome next February.

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