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Sony's Concept for Android launches for Xperia X: five things you need to know

Sony’s Concept for Android programme is now available for Xperia X users in Europe. For those not already familiar with the scheme, Sony’s Concept for Android lets Sony customers download and test new software updates and give feedback to the engineers before they are rolled out to all devices.

But how does it work? What new features can you try out? And will Sony really take your feedback on-board?

Read on to find out more.

1. What is Sony’s Concept for Android?

Sony Concept for Android

Sony’s Concept for Android first launched in summer 2015 for select Xperia devices. It has now been made available for Xperia X users.

The programme gives customers a chance to trial new software and report back to Sony’s engineers before updates are made available to all devices.

Customers participating in Sony’s Concept for Android also get 24-hour support from software engineers and a chance to communicate with other users about the latest updates.

2. How to sign up

sony xperia x in hand

To install Sony’s Concept for Android on your Xperia X, you will need to download the Concept Installer app from Google Play Store and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you’ve signed up, you should receive a software update notification within 24 hours, enabling you to install the new concept software on your device.

Bear in mind that all of your data will be removed from your phone when you install the concept software, so you must make sure you back up all your data before you install the update.

It’s also worth noting that the update will normally be around 1GB in size. So, it’s probably a good idea to download the update over a Wi-Fi connection, rather than use up a huge chunk of your data allowance in one go.

3. You can get Android Nougat

android nougat

One of the main benefits of Sony’s Concept for Android is that it gives Xperia X users the opportunity to get their hands on Google’s highly-rated Android Nougat.

Android Nougat comes with a bunch of new features, including split-screen multitasking and a new notification panel.

The latest version of Android also comes with improved touch sensitivity to make the phone more responsive than ever.

4. It’s a chance to preview Sony’s latest products

Sony Xperia X

Sony is billing its Concept for Android programme as the chance for customers to get ‘a sneak-peek at some of the latest features that will be part of future Xperia products’.

And while there’s nothing truly ground-breaking yet, Sony has come up with some cool customisations for Android Nougat.

First off, Sony has had the sense to add the battery percentage indicator back in after Google removed it from Android Nougat, so you always know how much battery you have left.

It has also made some tweaks to the app drawer, added a splash of colour to the icons and replaced many of the multimedia apps with the Google suite.

5. You can have your say

Xperia X Concept InTouch

As we’ve already mentioned, the whole point behind Sony’s Concept for Android is to use customer feedback to improve future Sony products before they’re released to the masses.

InTouch gives you a direct line of communication with Sony engineers, meaning you can access dedicated tech support whenever you need it and report issues directly to the software engineers. You can also fill out surveys for a quick and easy way to voice your opinions.

Sony has said that they then use your feedback to influence future Sony products.

You can use InTouch as much or as little as you like. So you can communicate with other Xperia users and software engineers, or you can simply download the software and receive the updates without providing feedback.

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