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The new Nokia 3310: what we’re hoping to see

Back in the year 2000, Britney was rocking the charts with “Oops! I did it again”, the Playstation 2 was top of everyone’s Christmas list and “Wazzup” was the standard greeting. And, we were all making calls, typing unintelligible texts and playing Snake II on a Nokia 3310.

Now, just like Pokemon and Power Rangers, the Nokia 3310 is set to make a comeback.

Not sold on going back to the Nokia 3310? You're not alone. Here's why nostalgia and Nokia's phone are best left in the past.

Due to be released later this month at Mobile World Congress the new Nokia 3310 is set to retail at about £50. That suggests it will be a traditional feature phone without much in the way of smart functionality.

However, on the plus side it’s rumoured to retain the durable exterior and week-long battery life that made the original 3310 one of the most reliable mobile phones ever.

One thing we know for sure is that a lot has changed in the 17 years since the Nokia 3310 first hit the shelves. Can Nokia successfully update its signature handset without sacrificing the features that made the 3310 one of the best-loved phones of all-time?

Read on to find out what we’re hoping to see from the new Nokia 3310.

Things we want adding

Although we want to see an updated version of the 3310 that still retains all the classic charm of the original, we’d love to see a few modern features added to it.

Here’s what we’re hoping for.

Decent storage

Nokia 3310 messages

The original Nokia 3310 could only hold a maximum of 250 contacts and you had to delete your texts fairly regularly if you wanted to avoid it being too full to receive any more messages.

What we’d really love to see with the new 3310 is some decent memory, so we can actually house all our contacts and messages on the device. We’d appreciate the facility to add some expandable storage too.

Email and basic web browsing

Nowadays even the most basic phones have some sort of web browsing capabilities, and it would be extremely difficult to rely on a device that couldn’t access the internet.

So, we’re hoping that the revamped 3310 will at least let you access your emails and do a little bit of light Googling.

Presumably, the handset will look similar to the original, so we can’t imagine it would be overly easy to navigate the World Wide Web using a 3310, but it would be helpful to have the option in a crisis.

A camera

Nokia 3310 on a selfie stick

We’re not entirely sure how this would work if Nokia is planning to keep the monochrome LCD screen of the original 3310, but we’re really hoping they try it.

After all, a camera is one of the most basic functions of phones nowadays, and it would be pretty tough to cope without one.

Things we want improving

There were so many things we used to love about the Nokia 3310 and 2017 tech could definitely help improve on some of its best-loved qualities.

Here are some features we’re hoping will be updated on the new handset.

Keep the extreme durability but add waterproofing

Nokia 3310 waterproof

The Nokia 3310 was famous for being nigh-on indestructible, with stories of it surviving falls from second storey windows, car accidents and even being run over. This extreme hardiness makes modern smartphones of today look flimsy and disappointingly delicate.

And while the original 3310 could cope with the occasional dip fall in the toilet, it was never advertised as being waterproof, and that’s definitely something we’d like to see on the revamped version.

Essentially, we’re hoping the updated 3310 will be built to withstand all kinds of human and natural disasters, so that it will still remain unscathed, long after we’re all gone. Probably still on half battery.

Keep the incredible battery life but add fast-charging

The absolute stand-out feature of the Nokia 3310 was unquestionably the battery life. Of course, this is in no small part due to the fact that the 3310 had much more limited functions than any modern-day handset. Still, regardless of the reason, we’d love to own a phone that will last a week on a single charge.

But, wouldn’t it be fantastic if this super-long battery was combined with fast-charging? Just think, if this were included, you’d would probably only need to plug the phone in for less than two hours a week.

Keep the traditional keypad but add some emojis


As much as we appreciate the touchscreen QWERTY keyboard on modern smartphones, there was something rather satisfying about typing out a 153-character message using a traditional 12-button keypad. And although nowadays, it might seem a bit of a pain to use, it would still allow us to send messages without too much fuss.

But, how could we communicate in the modern world without emojis? Although a colon and a bracket was enough to indicate whether we were happy or sad back when Buffy the Vampire Slayer was all anybody talked about, we’re now used to having a whole range of cartoon emotions at our disposal.

So, if the 2000 phone favourite is to make it with 2017 consumers, it really needs have a way of sending smiley faces, monkeys and googly-eyed poos via text.

Things we want to stay exactly the same

While the Nokia 3310 could definitely do with a bit of a revamp, there are some things that just should not be messed with.

Here’s what we want to remain exactly the way we remember it.

Snake II

Snake 2 on Nokia 3310

Undoubtedly one of the best-loved mobile phone games of all-time, Snake II was wonderfully simple and dangerously addictive.

For anyone not old enough to remember, the aim of the game was to collect food using a snake without touching the edge of the screen or any other part of the snake. Each time the snake ate the food, its tail grew longer, thereby making the game more difficult. It was controlled by using the up, down, left and right buttons on the keypad.

Although some fans will no doubt be hoping for a revamped version of the game with perhaps a colourful screen, multiple levels and a snake that actually looks like a snake, we’d like to see the game completely unaltered.

We want the green screen, the pixelated black dots and the unwieldy keypad. And in this modern world of competitive online gaming, where you can play against anyone in the world, there might be something quite nice about simply trying to beat your own highest score.

Monophonic ringtones

Another trademark of the Nokia 3310 was the ringtones. Still one of the most recognisable sounds in the world, the Nokia ringtone is the absolute epitome of noughties nostalgia. At the height of its popularity, the Nokia tune was estimated to ring 1.8 billion times a day, equating to a staggering 20,000 times per second.

But nowadays, we’re all about choice, so here’s hoping that the new Nokia 3310 comes with a host of other monophonic ringtones alongside its signature tune.

To make it even better, we’d also love to see a return of the ringtone composer, so we can once again spend hours using different beeps to make something that sounds nothing like the Star Wars theme tune.

The clip-on covers

Nokia 3310 cases

One of the best things about the old Nokia feature phones was the sheer variety of cases and covers you could get for them.

17 years ago, street stalls and phone shops across the country sold thousands of different accessories for your phone, and there was a design to suit everyone. Whether you were a Disney nerd, a chocoholic or a football fan, you could find a case that was perfect for you.

And with a phone that had extremely limited customisation options, this was pretty much the only way of making your 3310 your own, and we’d love to see some of those classic cases back again.

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