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The Razer Phone: five things you need to know

Forget all the chat about the iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8 and Pixel 2 XL. There’s new, cooler smartphone in town that promises to be the perfect match for those who love to play games on the go.

The Razer Phone, from the venerable gaming experts of the same name, comes laden with specs designed to make playing while out and about every bit as good as settling in at home in with a console.

So, what’s the deal? And when can you get one? Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about The Razer Phone.

1) Stunning specs

Razer phone gaming hero size

The Razer Phone’s internal specs are the stuff of every tech fanatic’s dreams. It comes fully loaded, with a whacking 8GB of RAM, a huge 4000mAh battery to ensure it can keep kicking for more than a day on a single charge. It also has a top–end Snapdragon 835 processor for rapid performance, whether you’re playing games or simply browsing the web.

2) Smooth graphics

Razer phone game screen

Considering The Razer Phone is made ‘by gamers, for gamers’, it’s no surprise that graphics are front and centre. Razer boasts that it’s the first phone to come with 120Hz UltraMotion tech, designed to deliver rapid refresh rates and smooth graphics.

This is similar to tech found in Apple’s high–end iPad Pro. With a capacious 5.7–inch display and a 1440-pixel resolution, it means that games look and play like a dream.

3) Android powered

Razer phone gaming

Razor has unsurprisingly opted to utilise Android to power its smartphone. That means you can download the very best games available on Google Play Store, from Super Mario Run to more hard-core shooters.

It’s a standard version of the Big G’s platform, but just be aware that its last year’s Android Nougat rather than the spanking new Oreo version.

4) Beyond gaming

Razer phone camera

The Razer Phone might be primarily focused on games, but it also comes with a series of non–gaming features that help it stand out.

There’s a high–end audio dongle to deliver superb sound over headphones, as well as a pair of Dolby Atmos powered speakers at the top and bottom of the device. And around the back you’ll find a dual lens camera with 12 megapixel sensors.

5) Out exclusively from Three

three store

Three is the exclusive Razer Phone retailer in the UK. You can buy it SIM–free from the network for £649.99, or with a PAYG SIM for £594.99. If you’d rather have a two-year contract, Three has you covered.

Pay £49 up front and you can score all you can eat calls and texts on all deals, with 100GB data costing £49 a month, 30GB costing £45 and 12GB costing £41. All contracts include Three’s Feel At Home and Go Binge, allowing you to stream TV and music without using up your data allowance.

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