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Top 5 phones to look out for in 2017

2017 looks set to be the year when mobile phones become really innovative once again.

Rumours already abound about futuristic devices that will deliver next–generation technology, from foldable screens to 3D cameras.

So, what are the smartphones you should be saving your hard–earned for? Here’s our pick of the five you won’t be able to do without in 2017.

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1. Apple iPhone 8

iPhone 8 wireless charging concept

Set to come in three variants, with some reports claiming that Apple will add a 5–inch model to its existing line-up, the iPhone 8 promises to be a major upgrade that puts Apple well ahead of the competition.

The all–new glass design, with an edge–to–edge display is perhaps the most exciting change.

The largest version is expected to feature a curved screen OLED display, along the lines of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge. All models are set to feature wireless charging, speculation suggests.

Throw in a 3D dual lens camera, and you’re looking at a smartphone it’ll be hard not to covet.

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2. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy s8 concept front and back

After it was forced to withdraw the Galaxy Note 7 from sale due to problems with exploding batteries, the pressure is on Samsung in 2017.

Perhaps with that in mind, a prominient Samsung executive has been talking up its new smartphone in the press, well ahead of its grand unveiling at Mobile World Congress in February.

According to the phone-maker's head of mobile Lee Kyeong–tae front and centre on the Galaxy S8 will be a dedicated virtual assistant to take on Siri and Google Assistant.

This will be based on technology acquired from Viv Labs and will use the latest artificial intelligence tech to provide you with answers to questions about everything from the weather to where you can get restaurant reservations.

It’s also set to feature a dual lens camera, along the lines of the iPhone 7 Plus.

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3. Samsung Project Valley

samsung flexible phone screengrab

Two phones shrouded in secrecy and at the centre of plenty of rumours, Samsung’s Project Valley phones could be real game-changers in 2017.

Each one was leaked earlier this year and both feature a bendable display.

One is a larger tablet which can be folded into a 5–inch smartphone, the other an old–style clamshell phone with dual screens.

Both have been mooted for launch at Mobile World Congress and have the potential to change the landscape of smartphones forever.

4. LG G6


LG has its work cut out to take on deadly rival Samsung. However, its next–generation G6 is likely to be a major release in 2017.

Rumours suggest it will come with an iris scanner (like the Galaxy Note 7) and possibly LG’s own mobile payments system.

With Samsung Pay set to launch in the UK in 2017, this is an essential component for LG it it wants to compete.

The LG G5 won plaudits for its innovative 'modular' design but struggled to make an impact with consumers in a smarthone world dominated by Apple and Samsung. Here's hoping that changes over the next 12 months.

5. Google Pixel 2

Google pixel resting front bottom

Can Google replicate the success of the Pixel and Pixel XL? It's hard to say at the moment.

Little is known about its plans for a follow-ups to two devices which some reviewers breathlessly dubbed the best Android phones so far.

But it’s clear that after a few false starts with its Nexus range, Google is putting more and more effort into top–end new phones in a bid to take the fight to Samsung and Apple.

It’s likely Google will add dual lens cameras, boost the screen resolution and, of course, give consumers a first look at the newest Android software before any of its partners.

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