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Vodafone 30 day network guarantee: 5 things you need to know

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With competition hotting up, the UK’s mobile networks are having to go all out to entice new customers.

And none more so than Vodafone, which is facing up to the prospect of a newly merged EE/BT and Three and O2 muscling in on its territory.

That’s why it’s launched its new 30 day network guarantee, designed to give consumers a chance to try out their service before fully committing.

So, how does it work? And is it worth jumping ship for? Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know.

1 30 days to make up your mind

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The clue’s in the name. Vodafone’s 30 day network guarantee lets users try out their latest contract and smartphone for an entire month, seeing just how fast data connections are where they live and how stable calls are, before committing to a full length contract.

This goes way beyond statutory rights and should give Vodafone an edge at a time when it’s having the squeeze put on it by an increasingly bullish competition.

2 New and current customers welcome

The 30-day network guarantee isn’t just for first-time customers either. Anyone who is currently on Vodafone but looking to upgrade can take advantage.

That means that after 30 days you can either stick with your new deal, get a different one with Vodafone, or change networks entirely.

3 But it’s not free

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Don’t go thinking this is a ‘try before you buy’ type deal.

The 30 day network guarantee means that you can give your new contract a whirl, but you’re still liable for standard contract charges and any bundles which you decide to buy too.

That’s understandable. No network is going to give away precious data and call time for nothing.

4 Pay monthly and pay–as–you–go included

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The 30 day network guarantee isn’t just limited to pay monthly customers. Anyone after a new long term contract, SIM–free or pay–as–you–go bundles can give it a try.

It also applies to small businesses too.

This certainly makes it a lot more enticing than it could be and cuts down on any nasty small print which could leave you either shortchanged or unable to take advantage of the offer.

5 But you’ll need to buy direct from Vodafone

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It’s no surprise that Vodafone is only offering its 30 day network guarantee to people buying new deals and phones directly from it.

It says that this means customers can return phones and chop in their deal with no questions asked.

So while you can’t snare the deal from third-party retailers, you can get it in any of its 500 plus high street shops, its online store and over the phone.

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