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Vodafone Roam Free and Roam Further: everything you need to know

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Vodafone has pre-empted the EU’s ban on roaming charges, due to come into force on 15th June, with the launch of new roaming schemes that allow customers to use their phones at little or no extra cost in 100 countries around the world.

So, what’s exactly on offer? And how does it measure up to roaming packages on rival networks?

Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Roam Free

Europe is the focus for Vodafone’s free roaming access.

Users on its new Pay Monthly and Pay Monthly SIM Only plans can make calls, send texts and access the web and other data-reliant services at no extra cost in 40 countries around Europe.

This extends beyond the European Union. The full list, from Portugal to Poland and Greece to Denmark, can be seen on Vodafone’s official roaming page.

Roam Further

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For those travelling further afield, Vodafone’s Roam Further offering allows access to calls, data and texts for £5 a day in another 60 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia and China.

Vodafone says users will only be charged for access on the days they use their phones.

Once again, you'll find a full list of countries on can be seen at Vodafone's roaming page.

4G for free

While Vodafone’s service is similar to Three’s Feel At Home package, where it truly stands out is speed.

It says users can access 4G networks in 117 destinations worldwide.

While 17 of those will cost beyond the £5 a day limit in the 60 Roam Further countries, that’s still hugely impressive.

By comparison, EE offers 4G in 47 countries, with Three, iD Mobile and O2 offering none.

Tethering included


A real issue when roaming is not being able to tether your phone and use it as a hotspot. This is especially acute for business travellers.

Vodafone says worth Roam Free and Roam Further users will be able to tether their phones at no extra cost.

No throttling

throttling data

Vodafone promises that anyone using its roaming service will not find their data runs out quicker than if they are at home.

That means if you pay for 10GB a month at home, you’ll get 10GB while you’re away.

While iD Mobile already offers similar, Three won’t allow any more than 12GB a month, while O2 limits its users to a measly 120MB a day. EE ups that to 500MB.

Considering Vodafone’s older offerings, this is a much–needed move towards putting consumers first.

Existing customers need to upgrade to a new plan

In order to take advantage of Roam Free and Roam Further, existing customers will have to switch to a new Pay Monthly plan.

Vodafone says this won’t affect the end date of current contracts. Users should call 08080 044848 to make the move.

Compare Vodafone deals with free roaming.

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