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What will iPhones offer in 2020 and beyond? We fast-forward to the future

iPhone X gold concept

Sure, there’s plenty of hype around this year’s iPhone X updates.

But the really juicy gossip centres on a set of forthcoming devices from Apple that are due some time hence and that could completely change how smartphones look and work.

A new report from business news site Bloomberg, citing sources with knowledge of Apple’s plans, suggests the iPhone could have a whole new look and feel.

Here’s everything you need to know.

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A curved screen, but not as you know it

iPhone concept curved screen

Image credit: Lewi Hussey.

The insiders who’ve slipped out the information about Apple's plans claim the tech giant is set to incorporate a curved screen in its futuristic handset.

However, unlike the display found on Samsung’s best–in–class Galaxy S9, this will curve inwards from top to bottom, rather than down at the sides.

This is a controversial move, but would see the iPhone sit more comfortably when being used to take calls. How pronounced the curve will be is unclear.

Gesture controls included

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S-Pen stylus memo pad hero

Who wants to prod and swipe a screen when a gesture above it will do the job?

That seems to be Apple’s thinking with this new iPhone, with plans afoot to offer gesture control as standard. At the moment, such tech is in its infancy.

Basic gesture controls are part of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, but are hardly front and centre.

How this would work for day–to–day use on an iPhone remains unclear – how can a phone be secured if gestures work with it and how powerful will the tech have to be in order to understand hand movements?

MicroLED in the pipeline

Super bright screen

Additionally, Apple is said to be working on next-generation screen tech called MicroLED. This will be brighter than OLED and use less power.

What marks it out is that Apple wants to develop the tech itself and then get its partners to make the panels in Asia, rather than buying OLED screens from the likes of Samsung and Sharp.

This tech could be a cornerstone of this exciting iPhone update.

Alas, they're a long way off

City of the future

The sources say that the tech Apple is planning is at least two years away from being ready, with a further year needed in order to test it properly on a new device.

That means any such phones are unlikely to launch before 2021, by which point the whole game could have changed.

What’s clear though is that Apple is working on a product that marks a complete shift from existing smartphones.

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Image credit gold iPhone: Martin Hajek.

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