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WWDC 2019: Five things to look out for at Apple’s annual show

Apple has officially confirmed its 30th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will start on 3rd June. And this year, there's plenty to look forward to.

Not least fresh iPhone software, as well as take 2 of Apple's wireless earbuds and news of Apple's Netflix-alike streaming service.

But that's not all. We're also bound to get some hints about what to expect from this year's iPhones too, with the smart money on two-way wireless charging and a triple-lens camera.

Excited? Good news. Let's take a closer look at our pick of the highlights of this year's WWDC.

iOS 13

As always at WWDC, iOS will lead the line. iOS 13 promises much, with Apple expected to overhaul the look of the home screen and make vital tweaks to make its platform easier to use.

While homescreen changes are likely to be focused on the iPad, with a cleaner look, a new dark mode will make iOS easier on the eyes when used after dark.

Everything we know so far about iOS 13.

It’s a function that Google’s Android Q is also likely to pack, meaning Apple can’t be seen to be left behind.

Elsewhere, the lock screen is expected to be more dynamic, mimicking Android’s richer features and allowing users to access the likes of Health and Music straight from the first screen they see when they pick up their device.

There's also talk of having the ability to lock specific apps behind Face ID, as well as split screen view and picture–in–picture mode.

iPhone 11 plans laid bare

While Apple hasn’t revealed a new iPhone in June for the best part of a decade, it’s likely to drop some broad hints about the iPhone 11 at WWDC.

Not least because the iPhone XS has failed to live up to expectations and it needs to build hype ahead of its September iPhone launch.

Five reasons iPhone 11 is worth holding out for.

Base code for iOS 13 should reveal plenty of secrets, with screen sizes and camera plans laid bare.

Recent rumours suggest the iPhone 11 Max will have a much–needed triple lens camera, while the successors to the iPhone XS and iPhone XR will stay the same size but pack improved screens.

We don't have deals for iPhone 11 yet. But when we do, here's where you'll find our pick of the best iPhone 11 contracts.

AirPower at last


It’s been hinted at for months, but could WWDC finally see AirPower given a release date.

The wireless charging mat was first unveiled in September 2017, but has been held up due to rumoured issues with slow charging and overheating.

Apple could make a big play of faster wireless charging at WWDC, so what better place to finally name the date for its wireless charging product?

AirPods 2


New AirPods have been in the offing for months. But analysts believe that any imminent update will focus only on the wireless charging case and support for Hey Siri activation that Apple has been touting since 2018.

AirPods 2 are likely to be a more complete update, with noise cancelling and improved audio tech, making them a must for AV nerds as well as the masses.

An accessory launch would sate the need for new hardware at WWDC too.

More news about Apple's TV streaming service

Apple TV streaming

Apple is set to launch a rival to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on 25th March. However, original content is likely to be slim or nonexistent when it rolls out.

WWDC is the perfect opportunity for Apple to show off exactly what it has planned for the autumn, when its own brand shows are expected to come online.

Throw in tweaks to Apple TV and this could wind up being a key focus of the 3rd June keynote.

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