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Android Marshmallow tips and tricks: 5 more ways to get the most from your phone

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Android Marshmallow is finally making it to Google–backed smartphones, six months after it first landed on the company’s newest Nexus devices.

And if the update has just arrived on your smartphone, you’re going to want to know what it can do and how it can give your old mobile a new lease of life.

We’ve already given you five top tips for making the most out of Android Marshmallow. Here are five more that’ll help you squeeze even more out of it.

1. Android Device Manager

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The ability to tracking down a lost phone, or make sure its data is secure if it’s been stolen, has been a key feature of Apple’s iPhone for years.

Google’s updated Android Device Manager function finally puts Android phones on a par with its rival's offering and is a breeze to use.

The ‘find my phone’ feature is turned on automatically, so if you’re logged into Google on your laptop, you only need to type those words into your browser to see it located on a map.

Further features can switched on by digging into the Google Settings app and heading to Android Device Manager.

You can activate an option to remotely lock your phone and even change the pass code. There’s also a dedicated Android Device Manager app available on Google Play.

If you go to, you can also tweak options on your desktop PC too.

2. Share your phone

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Using different accounts on one device has been a key feature of PCs for years. But on smartphones, it’s a feature which is only just getting off of the ground.

You can log out of your phone using Android Marshmallow, allowing others to log in if they want to make calls or access messages if their phone is out of juice or not available.

What’s more, Android Marshmallow offers a Guest User feature, so you can lend your phone to someone without them being able to see your personal information.

3. Savvy caller ID

Android Marshmallow folders

Unknown numbers are always annoying. Receive a call from one and chances are you’ll let it ring out and leave the caller to record a message on your voicemail.

Android Marshmallow has a feature which searches Google database so it can identify unknown numbers from businesses and other contacts, so you know who’s on the other end of the line even if you don’t have their details stashed in your contacts.

4. Customise your phone

Android Marshmallow folders

Google has taken some cues from Apple with its folders system for Marshmallow. Customising your layout by by organising apps into single menus works just as it does on iOS.

Hold down on an app, drag it over another one and it’ll create a new folder which you can name as you please.

Customising wallpapers is as simple as holding down on any free part of the screen and tapping the wallpaper option in the menu which appears on the display. The same goes for any widgets you want to add to your home screen.

5. ‘OK Google’

ok google android marshmallow

Like Apple’s ever-improving Siri on iPhone 6s, Google’s easy–to–use voice assistant works without you having to touch your device.

Simply say ‘OK Google’ and ask it any question you want, from the day’s weather to last night’s football scores.

You can also tap the always–on mic to make requests and web searches. If you want set Android Marshmallow up on an Android TV or tablet, say ‘OK Google, set up my new device’ and it’ll get the job done for you.

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