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How do I claim my iTunes Gift Card or Amazon Gift Card from BT Mobile?

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Claiming your iTunes or Amazon Gift Card from BT Mobile is easy. In this guide, we walk you through the process.

  • Step 1) Sign up for a BT Mobile mobile phone contract through uSwitch. You'll only be able to start the claiming process once you're registered as a BT customer.

Check that the contract and phone you’ve signed up is included in the £120 Gift Card giveaway and that offer is ongoing at the time you signed up.

  • Step 2) If you bought a SIM only plan, you'll need to activate your SIM card. That's just a case of inserting it in your phone.

  • Step 3) Check your email for confirmation emails from BT. Locate the one labelled ‘Thanks for your BT Order: here’s the detail’.

This will contain the order reference that you need to claim your voucher.

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  • Step 4) Identity your order reference in the email we mentioned above. It’ll be a sequence of a mixture of letters and numbers and will be at least 12 characters long.

  • Step 5) Head to BT Mobile’s dedicated voucher claims page to register your claim. You’ll find it here.

To start your claim, you'll need to input your BT customer log-in details and the order reference number.

  • Step 6) Watch for the claim to be processed. BT pledges that the gift card will be despatched to your address within 45 days.

Thinking about joining BT Mobile? Check out SIM only and handset contracts at our BT Mobile comparision page.

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